Logo Configurations

Please be sure you are downloading the correct logo for your purpose (ie. for print, download CMYK, for web, download RGB). If you intend to post the Commonwealth Joe logo on a website, please download the image and reupload it to your server — do not hotlink from our server.

Mark Only - Light BackgroundPrint (CMYK)Web (SVG)Web (PNG)
Full Logo - Light BackgroundPrint (CMYK)Web (SVG)Web (PNG)
Mark Only - Dark BackgroundPrint (CMYK)Web (SVG)Web (PNG)
Full Logo - Dark BackgroundPrint (CMYK)Web (SVG)Web (PNG)
Mark Only - White Print (CMYK) Web (SVG) Web (PNG)

Color Palette

There are 3 colors used in the primary Commonwealth Joe brand. Based on the medium in which the logo will be presented, these colors will change.

Primary Colors

To be used as feature colors in backgrounds and headline text.

  • Pantone: 2767 U or 276 C
  • CMYK: 82, 79, 45, 59
  • RGB: 37, 34, 57
  • Hex: #252239
  • Pantone: 7753 U or 872 U (metallic) or 7503 C
  • CMYK: 30, 38, 60, 3
  • RGB: 179, 150, 113
  • Hex: #b39671
  • Pantone: Cool Gray 1 U or Cool Gray 1 C
  • CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 10
  • RGB: 222, 219, 215
  • Hex: #dedbd7

Secondary Colors

To be used as accent colors in items such as highlight features and image frames.

  • Pantone: P 42-16 C
  • CMYK: 0, 58, 79, 49
  • RGB: 102, 43, 21
  • Hex: #81361A
  • Pantone: P 1-1 C or 11-0501 TSX
  • CMYK: 2, 1, 5, 0
  • RGB: 249, 247, 240
  • Hex: #F9F7F0


Commonwealth Joe's primary brand fonts are Egyptienne F and Sofia Pro. You can purchase this font for desktop and web at MyFonts. Only use the fonts specificed below. We recommend that you purchase italics for each weight.

Egyptienne F
75 Black
Egyptienne F Type Study
Sofia Pro
Sofia Pro Type Study

Email Signature

This is a branded email signature for Commonwealth Joe. Click the link below and copy + paste into your email client.
Please contact your IT support staff for help with changing the signature on your email client. Here is a link with instructions for Outlook and a PDF with instructions for Mac Mail, Gmail, and iOS

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Acceptable Configurations

Company Values

The company's values are listed below.


Leverage the strengths of our diversity and share successes generously. This is a team effort.

People You Can Count On

Proactively communicate, execute, and achieve desired results. We are what we do, not what we say.


Do what’s right, even when it isn’t easy or profitable. Seek new ideas, especially those different from our own.

Customer Centric

Create amazing experiences for our customers. Take feedback seriously.

Authentic Relationships

Build authentic, healthy relationships. Humbly serve our customers, our partners, and each other.

Passionate Craftsmanship

Emanate pride for what you do. Help each other continuously cultivate our crafts while seeking mastery of your own.


Practice stamina and determination to complete long-term, meaningful goals in spite of adversity. Constraints are an opportunity for critical thinking and resourcefulness.

Data + Intuition

Make better decisions and a greater impact by blending data and experience. We thrive in taking calculated risks.