What do I need to brew great coffee?

  • Buy high-quality, freshly roasted coffee beans. Using our coffee means you're off to a great start! Our take: brew within 1-2 weeks of the roast date on bags.
  • Use quality equipment. Besides buying quality beans, the single biggest way to improve coffee quality is with a good grinder. We carry a few terrific, affordable conical burr grinders that produce a uniform grind for optimal extraction – check out our "Merch" page.
  • Grind right before brewing. Coffee can lose flavor within minutes of being ground-- we know, we've tested it.
  • Use fresh water. Over 98% of coffee is water. If you don't like how the water tastes, you won't like the coffee either.
  • Serve coffee right after brewing. Letting coffee sit in the pot for extended periods of time generally is a bad idea, although we encourage you to let your coffee cool a bit before tasting while you read our latest blog posts, so that you can enjoy to the last drop.