“One of the few modern designs for which one can feel affection as well as admiration”
- Ralph Caplan, design author

The Chemex is as pretty as it is practical. The classic shape of the Chemex coffeemaker has remained unchanged for over 70 years. The Chemex has been formally recognized as a symbol of great design and is kept in the permanent collections of several prominent museums, including the Smithsonian and the Museum of Modern Art.

Ratio: 45 grams of coffee and 720 grams (25.5 oz) of water
Brewing to share.
Approximate Brew Time: 4-4:30 min

  1. Fill up your kettle and heat water. (Heat Extra water for rinsing and cleaning.)
  2. Grind 45 grams (~6 tbsp) of freshly roasted coffee. (Grind size should be medium-coarse/about the consistency of sea salt.)
  3. Put in a square Chemex filter. (The multi-layered side should be facing toward the spout.)
  4. Rinse the filter with hot water to remove any paper dust. (Empty any rinse water from the Chemex.)
  5. Add the coffee to the wet filter. (Give the vessel a shake to level out the grounds for an even extraction.)
  6. Slowly pour enough water to saturate the grounds.
  7. Only expect a few drops to get through, extraction won’t start yet.
  8. After 30 seconds, slowly add the rest of your water to the Chemex in a circular motion. (Try to keep the water about 1-2cm below the rim of the Chemex glass; it’s okay in this step to take breaks between pours.)
  9. Take out filter and enjoy!

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