Hario V60

Translated to “The King of Glass” in Japanese, the Hario offers a uniquely portable means to a clean, medium-bodied cup of coffee. The spiraled ridges on the Hario allow water to pass evenly through the grounds for a quick and balanced brew. On-the-go or in the kitchen, the Hario consistently produces delicious cups of coffee with the right technique.

Ratio: 22 grams of coffee to 352 grams (12.5 oz) of water
Brewing for one.
Approximate Brew Time: 2-2:30 min

  1. Fill up your kettle and heat water. (Heat extra water for rinsing & cleaning)
  2. Grind 22 grams (~3 tbsp) of freshly roasted coffee. (Grind size should be medium-fine/about the consistency of table salt.)
  3. Place the Hario on your mug.
  4. Open up and fold the ribbed edge filter; place it in the Hario.
  5. Rinse the filter with hot water to remove any paper dust. (Empty any rinse water from the Hario.)
  6. Add the coffee to the wet filter. (Give the dripper a shake to level out the grounds for an even extraction.)
  7. Slowly pour enough water to saturate the grounds. Only expect a few drops to get through, extraction won’t start yet.
  8. After 30 seconds, slowly add the rest of your water to the Hario dripper in a circular motion. (Take breaks during pour so that there is no overflow.)
  9. Take out filter and enjoy!

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