Our Craft

Choosing coffees to prepare for our customers is a long road for us. First, we find beans from around the world that inspire us. Then, we do a blind "cupping" (or "tasting") of varietals from different estates in various "origin" countries – such as Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Indonesia, or Peru.

That's when the real fun in coffee roasting begins. Part of the challenge of cupping coffee is that sometimes it's hard to tell how a varietal will manifest at different roast levels. We experiment until we're sure we've got it right, relying on in-house coffee gurus as well as the intuition of our master coffee roaster.

After we've selected a coffee varietal and an optimal roast level, we test a first batch to ensure the high quality that our customers have come to expect. Assuming all goes well, we come up with labels that describe our coffee to the world, identifying its best aspects with the best places and experiences in Virginia.

Coffee crops are seasonal, just like other agricultural products, so we are constantly searching for the best crops for our customers.  But we love that search – it keeps us on our toes, and keeps you experiencing a fresh take on the coffees you've come to know and love.