Hallowed Grounds

Medium-Light Roast
Bright & complex, with hints of lemongrass & tangerine.  A gentle, rewarding introduction to the fruity flavors of lighter-roasted East African coffees, without the intense flavors of some of our Ethiopian varietals, such as Monticello Sunrise.
  • Genesis. Resurrection. These are the life-renewing flavors that burst from the beans grown where coffee was born in Ethiopia, and roasted where a nation was born in Virginia. From Thomas Jefferson's Monticello through the battlefields of the Civil War, embark on hallowed grounds with coffee destined to make you feel like a Founding Father.
  • The COOPAC co-op in "the country of a thousand hills" began in 2001 on the mountain slopes of western Rwanda, above Lake Kivu, and has grown from 110 members to 2,200 members and now includes three environmentally-friendly washing stations that filter byproducts for use as fertilizer rather than allowing them to run off into nearby rivers and lakes.
      • Produced By: COOPAC co-op 
      • Location: Rwanda - Nyamyumba & Kayove in the Southern Bugoyi district of Gisenyi
      • Grown at: 1,400 - 1,850 meters
      • Harvest: April - July
      • Process: Washed & sun-dried on raised beds
      • Grower's Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
    Note: Commonwealth Joe does not hold the aforementioned certifications. These certifications are held by the growers referenced above.

Collections: Coffee, Fruity

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