Be Your Own Barista With These Tasty Cold Brew Recipes!

It’s no secret that CWJ Nitro Cold Brew is perfect on its own, but what are some amazing drinks you can make with it? Here are three drink recipes that will take your Nitro Cold Brew to the next level! 

Salty Sweet Cream Delight:

  1. Put 2 pumps of Vanilla Syrup in your glass.
  2. Fill with CWJ Nitro Cold Brew.
  3. In a separate glass, whisk half and half with Vanilla Syrup, and add a dash of salt.
  4. Pour creamer over your cold brew. 

Spicy Cinnamon Surprise:

  1. Put 2 pumps of vanilla syrup, and a dash of cinnamon at the bottom of your cup. 
  2. Stir the cinnamon and vanilla together. 
  3. Pour Nitro Cold Brew over syrup. 
  4. Top with creamer, and another dash of cinnamon. 

Chocolate Cherry Mocha Cold Brew:

  1. Put chocolate syrup in the bottom of a glass, with 2 pumps of Cherry Syrup.
  2. Pour Nitro Cold Brew over syrup.
  3. Top with Whipped Cream, and a maraschino cherry.

These are just a few ideas, but you can try adding different flavors to make your very own drink of choice! 

Interested in bringing the Barista Experience to the office? Shoot us an email at Want to enjoy our Cold Brew at home? Get your Boxed Cold Brew here!

By: Elise McMahon

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