About Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters

Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters (CWJ) is the leading tech-enabled specialty coffee company offering full-service, kegged beverage programs with Nitro Cold Brew and other craft beverages on tap. CWJ delivers amazing beverage experiences where people work, live, and play. 

In 2017, we expanded our office coffee program from the DC Metro Area to New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. In 2018, we started offering Kombucha on tap to meet consumers' growing demand for variety. Our coffee service is also available via Kegerator Vending Machines for customers who would like to transfer or share the cost of our craft beverages with their employees or tenants. 

With over 14 years of roasting experience, our mission is to breathe new life into an ancient craft and make amazing coffee approachable. That’s why we brought our coffee into offices and opened Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters in Pentagon City.

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Our Caffeinated Timeline

It all started in 2004 when a mom and her son worked together at a local coffee shop in Culpepper, Virginia. Julia was a roaster. Robert was a barista. They fell in love with freshly-roasted coffee and she has been roasting ever since. Here's our story...

2004: Coffee Love

Over 13 years ago, Robbie and his mother, Julia, worked together in a coffee shop in Culpeper, Virginia. It was there that they cultivated their love for coffee and appreciation for the craft.

2012: CWJ is Born

After years of watching his mother roast her own coffee only to share it with friends and family, Robbie and his friends decided to start CWJ to help his mother grow a customer base worthy of her passion.

2014: Coffee as a Service

After establishing the wholesale business for single-origin bagged coffee, CWJ launched the Nitro Cold Brew coffee product line and office program it is so well known for today.

2016: Pentagon City Cafe

In the fall of 2016, CWJ’s flagship location opened in Pentagon City. The shop sports a design in line with the brand and houses a coffee education center and the region's first multi-varietal NCB tap system.

2018: Kegerator Vending & Kombucha

To meet consumers' demand for variety and convenience, CWJ started offering Kombucha on tap to our office program product offering in late 2018. Soon after, CWJ started deploying Kegerator Vending Machines, which are self-serve, self-pay kegerators serving craft beverages on tap.

2020: Coffee Subscriptions

In the Spring of 2020, CWJ launched Coffee Subscriptions to provide consistent, freshly-roasted coffee to everyone working from home. CWJ's subscription program has become a staple for coffee lovers who never want to worry about running out of coffee.

2020: Expanded Formats of Cold Brew

With people working from home, CWJ wanted to continue to provide cold brew to office workers. CWJ took their delicious kegged cold brew and put it in boxes and cans allowing people across the country to enjoy CWJ cold brew from the comfort of their homes.

2020: Enhanced Focus on Safety

To ensure that people working in offices could still enjoy CWJ's Nitro Cold Brew on Tap safely, CWJ launched Touchless Taps. Touchless taps allow for a hands free and completely contactless pouring experience for any on tap beverages.

Built on Passion

The CWJ Team was started by Robbie and his mom and remains a family today. From our cafe to our production facility to our corporate team, everyone has a passion for coffee, family, and providing an amazing beverage experience.

Built on Passion. Driven by Our Values.

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