About Commonwealth Joe

Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters was born out of a shared passion for freshly-roasted coffee and a desire to make amazing specialty coffee approachable and accessible to everyone. Our story began in 2004 when Robert and Julia Peck, his mother, started working together at a local coffee shop. Julia, a roaster, and Robert, a barista, were captivated by the world of specialty coffee, and since then. Julia has been perfecting her craft of coffee roasting ever since.

As our passion for coffee grew, so did our curiosity and interest in exploring different brewing methods. We pioneered cold brew on tap in offices in the Washington D.C. Metro in 2014 and have since refined our art of brewing smooth, bold, and refreshing cold brew that not only energizes but also delights the palate with its unique flavor profiles.

In 2016, we opened Commonwealth Joe cafe in Pentagon City, providing a welcoming space for coffee enthusiasts and newcomers alike. We also expanded our office cold brew coffee program from the DC Metro Area to New York City, and then to Baltimore, Boston and Philadelphia. Today, our cold brew kegs are distributed across 25 states and to meet the growing demand for variety, we also offer kombucha, seltzer, and tea on tap. Our commitment to quality and innovation is unwavering, and we continue our relentless pursuit of the perfect cup, taking great care in every step of roasting and cold brewing.

Our journey began with a mother and son's love for coffee, and it has transformed into a thriving business dedicated to sharing the magic of specialty coffee and cold brew with the world. With nearly 20 years of roasting experience, as we continue to grow and evolve, we remain true to our roots and our mission of making amazing coffee approachable and accessible to all. Come join us on this exciting journey to discover and enjoy remarkable coffee experiences together!
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