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We’re always looking to bring on eager, fresh talent

Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters is dedicated to passionate craftsmanship, and the proposition that specialty coffee should be friendly and approachable. We always accept applications from coffee enthusiasts and professionals who share these values, and will be in touch if you are a candidate for a vacancy.

We reward talent and performance with competitive compensation and perks.


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Free Coffee

Flexible Work Hours

Collaborative Workspace

Internal Promotions

Fast-paced Environment

Direct Impact on Decisions

"I love working at CWJ, because we're as close to a family as a company can get. This company has given me so many opportunities to grow and to find what suites me best. I started off as a barista but the company has given me responsibilities which have helped me learn new skills. This company has helped me understand how coworkers can become friends and how a person can start off so small to managing others."

- Dora

Career Testimonial 1

"CWJ has become more than just a job that loves craft coffee as much as I do, they have become my family. I love working for CWJ because they helped me discover my passion for coffee while giving me opportunities to learn and grow within the company."

- Chelsea

Career Testimonial 2
Career Testimonial 3

"I love working at CWJ because not only do I have unlimited coffee for myself, I get to make and serve amazing coffee to an awesome community."

- Clayton

"I am so appreciative of the culture of personal growth and education at Commonwealth Joe. I came in as a barista and was able to progress to become the marketing manager. Also, the collaborative nature of the company has helped me build great relationships with the team and accomplish so much more than I could have on my own."

- Hannah

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Career Testimonial 5

"I've really enjoyed working at CWJ because I'm surrounded by highly motivated, fun, and hard-working people, both in the offices and in the store, doing relevant and stimulating work that I wouldn't have the chance the do elsewhere. The free coffee doesn't hurt either."

- Rahim