Caffeinated Conquest: Discovering Business Growth With Our Coffee Delivery Service

Born in 2004, Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roaster started with a dream: roasting and serving coffee in an approachable and accessible way. Started by current CEO Robert Peck and his mother Julia, both coffee enthusiasts sought to turn their coffee vision into a reality that expanded far beyond their dreams. From humble beginnings, Commonwealth Joe has approached its journey with a passion for the product and keeping the customer centric. In 2014, Commonwealth Joe took things to the next level by pioneering and engineering nitro cold brew on tap in offices. Through seamless ordering and delivery, office decision makers are able to order keg deliveries from a range of offerings including nitro cold brew, nitro infused tea, kombucha, or non-alcoholic seltzer. Then in 2016, Commonwealth Joe expanded into a central location with the opening of our own coffee shop in Pentagon City, Virginia providing a welcoming space for coffee enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Focusing primarily on our delivery service, Commonwealth Joe is proud to serve hundreds of businesses from law firms to software developers looking for a refreshingly unique beverage amenity to energize and excite their employees. It’s no secret that office amenities and perks have increasingly become an expectation in the workplace to attract and retain talented employees. Our delivery services are seamless, trackable, and easy for office decision makers who represent a large range of titles, responsibilities, and challenges to enhance productivity and morale. In this blog, we will look at our target audience’s needs in the form of three customer profiles and how Commonwealth Joe’s on tap service is the perfect fit.

Who Do We Deliver To?

Commonwealth Joe’s on tap kegged beverage delivery service aims to provide quality crafted beverages to offices looking to upgrade their office environments. Before enjoying our beverages on tap, office decision makers can get in touch with our staff by scheduling an appointment to learn more about our services. Office managers have the unique responsibility of orchestrating the day to day operations as key responsibilities include recruiting and retaining employees, creating workplace efficiency, and creating a satisfied culture. Behind the scenes, office decision makers can undertake the role of managing compliance, amenities, and finances for their specific office or several company offices to ensure continuity. Along with responsibilities, office managers deal with several challenges that can oftentimes be conflicting and difficult to balance. For instance, they are tasked with managing themselves, the office, employees, and all external communications who believe their needs are the most important of the day. This full plate of varying importance highlights the patience and time management skills needed to be an office manager. Therefore, at Commonwealth Joe we make ordering and delivering easy thanks to our subscription based models with quantities set to office needs based on employee count and consumption levels so the last thing you have to worry about is an outage.

The Three Customer Profiles

Customer Profile 1: HR Office Decision Makers

The HR Office Decision Maker’s are responsible for creating a better work culture, modernizing the company, and meeting employee demands for cold brew coffee.They may be on a time crunch and looking for a quick solution to limit coffee outages and enhance the day to day productivity of the office. As a result, Commonwealth Joe’s all-Inclusive beverage service and full-service solution are a perfect fit for office decision makers looking for a simple yet luxurious amenity with easy installment and no downtime so they can focus on their real work. Office decision makers are also tasked with managing post-pandemic workplace trends such as attendance and a shift to hybrid/remote work. According to a 2020 McKinsey report, 80 percent of people questioned report that they enjoy working from home, forty-one percent say that they are more productive than they had been before, and 28 percent that they are as productive. As appliances have become outdated and demand an upgrade, office decision makers are looking for something new to attract, retain, and enjoy in the office. 

Customer Profile 2: Facilities Office Decision Makers

Office managers and decision makers function under numerous titles but usually maintain the same responsibilities and challenges of managing the day to day functions of the office seamlessly. The facilities office decision maker expects the same luxurious amenity experience that can accommodate their current office setup and services. For instance, post-pandemic trends included the expiring and signing of leases as some workplaces inherited a space with a keg system they don't know how to maximize. Seeking seamless service and a consolidated vendor, the facilities office decision maker is tasked with managing an existing office space and are looking to modernize and improve the current coffee service. Identifying pain points is where Commonwealth Joe comes to the rescue. With trackable delivery and personal customer service, we identify company needs instantly to ensure no outages and enhance productivity with our fresh brews.

Customer Profile 3: Small Business Leaders

The final customer profile is the small business leaders whose needs shift differently from larger workplace offices. They aim to match the amenities of larger companies, create a satisfying work culture, and recruit and retain employees but with limited resources may want a more streamlined solution. At the core, small businesses are known for their personal care and touch that larger companies struggle to match. This healthy, energetic, and satisfied work culture is an attractive environment for employees which is why cold brew coffee is the perfect amenity for long term business growth and recruitment. Starting from humble beginnings, small businesses seek to expand while keeping their personal touch at the forefront of their brand image. Additionally, start-ups may look to primarily use their budget to create a trending and hip office. Offering award winning cold brew, full-service, highly responsive customer service, and a family rooted story of our own, Commonwealth Joe is the ideal coffee delivery for small businesses. Read our blog about the joys of small business leadership, our story, and how our services align with the ambitions of small business.

Finding your fit when choosing your office amenities is an important process that directly impacts the productivity and culture of your office. With a full plate of managing time, people, and space, arranging time to research and identify office amenities can be difficult to navigate as current and emerging office trends increase. Although coffee and beverages are not new to office spaces, nitro cold brew coffee on tap is the perfect way to energize your office with boosted caffeine and a refreshing taste enjoyable at all times of the day. We understand that choosing an office amenity and engaging in long term relationships with vendors can be a headache, especially when promises are not kept. At Commonwealth Joe, we are committed to the customer experience and believe that our service doesn’t stop after each keg delivery. Our coffee delivery can adjust to any business model or type from full service solution to partnering with existing facilities for hands-on and hand-off capabilities. We encourage you to get in touch with our sales team by scheduling a call, filling out a webform, or sending an email to so we can energize your business!

By: Benjamin Do 
Blog post assisted by ChatGPT. 
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