Elements that Most Companies Overlook When Establishing a Vibrant Work Environment

Companies don’t run out of great ideas – they overlook elements when creating a vibrant work environment. In some cases, organizations overlook workplace hazards that create more problems down the line. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that around 4 million US-based employees quit their positions in April 2021. And part of it had to do with a lack of organizational leadership to tackle urgent matters and maintain a creative and productive work environment.

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Companies need to understand that productivity is not granted during onboarding employees – it takes continuous employee engagement and bringing elements like Nitro Cold Brew into the workplace. 

Despite the type and size of your business, there are usually several moving parts. But remembering all these parts can become an overwhelming task for office managers. Most companies are bound to indirectly overlook some elements, and that’s not the end of the world.

But once companies identify inconsistencies or gaps in the workplace, it is crucial to promptly address them. Today, office managers have to pay close attention to multiple business aspects. Also, company leaders shouldn’t be reluctant to step back and re-evaluate areas that can impact operations and the workplace culture.

Let’s look at essential elements that organizations often overlook when creating a work environment:

Employee Engagement and Customer Experience

Companies often overlook customer experience and employee engagement when establishing a new work environment. Sure, it can be challenging to track data and analyze historical metrics – but employee engagement is more than just about ratings.

Measuring customer experience and employee engagement require companies to understand qualitative data like employee and customer feedback. Ideally, your company should build a dedicated leadership team to clarify these types of obstacles. Ask for feedback directly and get involved to make sense of employees’ and customers’ concerns.

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Bring in Nitro Cold Brew to create a social hub in the work environment. Get regular employee feedback to learn more about workplace elements that require immediate attention.

Organizational Health

Company executives and managers often fail to consider the organization's health. Now, when it comes to company health, there can be different opinions among the leadership. But without organizational health, you cannot hope to create a vibrant work environment where employees can give their 100%.

Company leadership needs to understand that it is about creating a sustainable and safe work environment rather than solely focusing on productivity benchmarks, which leads to workforce burnout. It takes engaging and wise company leadership to motivate new hires from the start.

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Even a single overlook element can optimize workplace productivity and creativity, and Nitro Cold Brew is a thoughtful choice for any organizational environment. 

Workplace Culture

Your organizational culture can devour your strategic plans. If office managers and executives rely entirely on people on their way out – achieving company objectives will become more challenging. Workplace culture revolves around having collaborative, productive, and high-performance workers. But when the employee turnover rate is high, and HR is not concerned, the company will have no choice but to overburden other employees, leading to burnout.

Not to mention, it restricts the ability of the company to drive consistent growth. You don’t have to move mountains to create a solid workplace culture – it’s all about keeping a close eye on operations and helping employees navigate the challenges.

Strategic Planning

Without strategic planning, companies cannot create or maintain an engaging workplace and set clear priorities. With a practical strategic plan, companies don’t have to worry about exceeding the budget or misinterpreting historical data.

For most organizations, developing and implementing a strategic plan is circumstantial. Unlike other companies, you may have to brace for a potential disaster and need more robust and detailed strategic planning.

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Leadership Development

Companies cannot always depend on a single leader – they have to develop new leaders from the current workforce. Many companies overlook leadership development, which becomes a challenge to drive growth. When the company doesn’t foster and inspire leaders through training and development programs – it leaves little to no room to hope for long-term success. But companies that champion leadership development gain a better perspective about their future.

Health & Wellness Initiatives

While many online resources are available for organizations to create and implement health and wellness programs, some companies still don’t prioritize the health and wellness of their employees. Health and wellness initiatives target the company’s performance metrics and indirectly improve employees’ health.

Companies that don’t implement health and wellness initiatives for their employees experience high turnover rates and compromised productivity standards. Fortunately, overlooking workplace health and wellness has become less common since the pandemic crisis. Remember, the purpose of having health and wellness programs is to redefine and reform the minds of employees so that they can improve their behaviors and skills.

It’s 2023, and companies cannot afford to have a narrow mindset and see investing in health and wellness programs as wasted funds. After implementing health and wellness programs – you’ll notice a significant increase in employee participation and productivity.

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Mission and Vision Alignment

Businesses can strive for faster growth for a short period. But to achieve long-term success, companies have to consistently ensure their mission and vision values align. The idea is to avoid confusion in marketing and sales strategies. A singular vision and mission allow company stakeholders to be on the same page and address issues more efficiently.

Narrative and Storytelling

Somewhere along the way – companies forget the sight of their storytelling and value-driven narrative. A compelling story sparks the interests of employees and customers and fuels business strategy. Every business needs a narrative to operate and to communicate with employees and customers. But salespersons often neglect to improve storytelling and narrative, which makes the company’s future uncertain.

Feedback Systems

Without a solid feedback system, companies face low employee engagement rates. Senior leaders often don’t engage with employees, which makes it difficult for employees to create a sense of belonging in the workplace. Regular pulse checks and chats with different employees garner respect and create an honest dialogue in the workplace.

It also sets the right expectations in motion and improves accountability in the company. But having a great feedback system requires understanding the informal and formal requirements of the company. And without feedback systems to collect information and render employee engagement – companies fail to diversify their workplace.

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Work Stress

Usually, there is a lot of pressure and stress in a competitive business setting. But when stress spirals out of control and starts to affect operations, it is where companies have to take immediate action. Unfortunately, traditional entities fail to observe that their work environment is putting extra stress on employees, leading to toxic company culture.

Whether it’s meeting tough deadlines or completing complex projects and tasks – office managers should not create undue stress in the workplace that leads to anxiety among employees. And once high stress compromises productivity, companies have to turn to motivation and mental health initiatives.

Stress also impacts the self-esteem and confidence of employees to take care of work. So, create a work environment with minimal stress so employees can follow the best practices and realize their full potential. Cut out communication inconsistencies to listen to employees experiencing physical and emotional stress.

Cross-Departmental Collaboration and Communication

Not every company can maintain seamless communication and collaboration across all departments. When sales and marketing experts are chasing different goals –assume there is a lack of communication and collaboration between the two departments.

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Today, organizations require different departments to work together and complete specific projects. But these practices are often overlooked in the early stages of developing workplace culture. The trick is to maintain a consistent workflow across all departments and ensure communication is seamless and accurate. It will ensure relevant departments fulfill the same goals and objectives.

Final Thoughts

No matter how perfect you think your organizational workplace may be – there are always new ways to improve your work environment. Creating and maintaining a robust, positive, and progressive work environment can boost employee productivity, morale, and retention.

A simple solution is often the best solution when creating or improving an existing workplace. A lot depends on company leadership to ensure no quintessential elements are left behind when creating a vibrant workplace culture.

Office managers should focus on forming a better perspective on the work environment. Think of the bigger picture to design an exciting and productive workplace. To create the “perfect” workspace, office managers have to be at the forefront to build solid relationships with employees and ensure a high employee engagement rate.

Office managers should also help employees grow and learn more skills rather than indirectly influence them to leave. Your organization needs all its capabilities and employees to work in tandem to reduce turnover, optimize operations, generate more revenue, and stay productive. In retrospect, focus on meaningful elements like recognition programs and having strategic goals to address complex tasks.

Nitro Cold Brew is an opportunity for office managers to improve the work environment. 


By: Brandi Marcene

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