FAQs: CWJ Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Program


At Commonwealth Joe, we love what we do, but we will be the first to admit that our Nitro Cold Brew for office service does take some explaining and education around the kegerator and how our service can benefit workplace culture. In this blog post, we’ll answer our most frequently asked questions about Nitro Cold Brew, our NCB service, and our product because we know many of you are probably wondering, “What the heck is a kegerator?”

Nitro Cold Brew FAQs

1. What is cold brew coffee? 

We get this question all the time - a warranted inquiry and one we enjoy explaining to curious consumers who either want to depart from their go-to skim latte in-store or install a Commonwealth Joe Nitro Cold Brew kegerator in their office. Put simply, cold brew is different from your standard hot drip coffee in that cold brew is steeped between 12 and 24 hours in cold water, giving it twice the caffeine with half the acidity of your standard cup of joe.


2. What does the nitrogen do?

Commonwealth Joe specializes in Nitro Cold Brew, oftentimes referred to as nitrogen coffee, whereby Nitrogen gas is infused into our cold brew as it comes out of the kegerator tap. The result is a rich cold coffee with a creamy head, similar to what you would see with a Guinness beer. If you typically drink your coffee with a bit of milk, you might not need to with our Nitro Cold Brew. The best part is, the resulting delicious product is still only coffee, water, and nitrogen and 0 calories. And, if you’re hesitant about a ‘gas’ being infused with your coffee, don’t be - nitrogen makes up 78% of the air we breathe!

CWJ Service FAQs

1. What does CWJ’s NCB service include? 

We pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience possible. For our office customers, this means a full-service solution for your office coffee needs. As part of our Nitro Cold Brew Service, we assign an attentive customer representative to your account to field any questions or concerns and assist with reorders, provide flexible delivery schedules and payment methods, and ensure a crystal clear pricing structure, meaning no hidden fees.

2. What does pricing look like?

Speaking of pricing, we often get asked what a service like ours costs. While the per keg price will vary based on geography--delivery, maintenance, and customer service are all included in the price of a keg. In addition, we have no minimum order requirements for qualified customers, nor any contracts tied to our service. You simply pay for the coffee your office will drink. We do this to assure our customers that we are the best service provider to fit their needs.

3. Can you service my office?

We wish we could provide free-flowing Nitro Cold Brew on tap to all offices interested in our service. However, because we have chosen to be vertically-integrated in order to control the quality of our product from bean to cup, logistically, we can only service major metropolitan cities at the moment. We currently service the following areas:

  • NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Jersey City)
  • Philadelphia (Center City, Navy Yard, and Fishtown)
  • DC Metro Area (Northern Virginia, DC, Rockville, MD)
  • Baltimore (Downtown)
  • Boston (Downtown)
  • Northern and Southern California

4. How would CWJ Nitro Cold Brew benefit my workplace culture?

Today, it is harder than ever for employers to differentiate themselves in a competitive hiring market. Buzzwords like ‘employee perks’ and ‘office culture’ are discussed constantly throughout the interview process as a way to hook millennial top talent. In this environment, what is your office doing to assure candidates that your company truly has what they are looking for? When 64% of Americans drink coffee every day, it is a safe bet that quality office coffee is something that will pique their interest. That is where we come in. Replacing the 12-cup coffee maker or single-serving Keurig with fresh Nitro Cold Brew coffee on tap is a cost-effective and easy to implement perk that your recruiting team can count on for an easy win. Don’t believe us? Check out these interviews with our customers about the importance of office perks, like quality coffee.  



Kegerator FAQs

1. Does the kegerator need a water hookup?

When it comes to our kegerators, we often receive a lot of questions from office managers about how they work. The most common question being - ‘Does the kegerator need a water hookup?” The answer is no! Our kegerators are very portable, allowing you to place them anywhere in your office and only require a standard power outlet for plugin.

2. How much space does the kegerator take up? 

The size of the kegerator is also a concern for many office managers, as they are not looking for a bulky, loud machine to overwhelm the common area. We couldn’t agree more, which is why our kegerators are modest in size, taking up around the same area as an office worker sitting in a chair. Each kegerator can hold three 5-gallon kegs of coffee, which is roughly 300 servings of coffee!

3. What will I need to do once the kegerator is in our office?

We will deliver kegs on a cadence that works for you, whether that be weekly or bi-weekly, but when a keg runs out, you or a member of your team will need to switch out the empty keg for a new one. Hooking up a new keg can definitely sound like an intimidating task, but we make it as easy and seamless as possible! Your customer experience rep will teach you how to change out the kegs in-person, as well as provide you with video tutorials for when you need a quick refresher! And of course, you can always give us a call to talk you through it.

Interested in our service?  To get started, email info@commonwealthjoe.com.

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