Gratitude and Cold Brew

When considering a new place of employment, it is widely understood that employees consider more than just salary and benefits. Factors like amenities, workplace culture, and remote work policies are becoming increasingly important to job seekers everywhere. One important but often under looked aspect of workplace culture is showing appreciation for employees - also known as gratitude.

One study from Harvard and Wharton found that “People are less likely to show gratitude at work than anywhere else… and 60 percent of people never or rarely express gratitude at work.” This study highlights a major area of opportunity for employers around the world to create more space for gratitude in the workplace. 

There are countless ways to cultivate a culture of appreciation and gratitude in the workplace. That same study found that “receiving a “thank you” from a supervisor boosted productivity by more than 50 percent.” Something as simple as taking a moment to appreciate team members on a more regular basis can make a huge difference!

Another way to express gratitude is to provide amenities that go above and beyond. At Commonwealth Joe, we provide award winning cold brew on tap so your employees can have access to an amazing coffee experience without leaving the office. Providing this luxury amenity lets your team know that you appreciate all the hard work they put in every day. The cold brew tap also serves as a great place for informal collaboration and small moments of gratitude between coworkers. 

One additional way to foster a culture of appreciation, especially if your team is working remotely, is to begin meetings with each person going around and saying one thing, person, or idea that they are grateful for at that moment. Over time, the habit of noticing and expressing the positive will build and everyone benefits from that! 

In a world where we are always racing toward the future, sometimes the key is to slow down and appreciate the things, people and ideas that are right in front of us. By investing in quality experiences like cold brew on tap and fostering a culture of gratitude, companies can show their appreciation in a way that positively impacts their whole team. 

Let’s not underestimate the power of a small “thank you” or a moment shared while pouring a cup of coffee. In the world of workplace culture, these small gestures can lead to big changes.

Interested in giving back to your team this summer? Try out Commonwealth Joe's cold brew subscription and bring award-winning Nitro Cold Brew on tap to your whole office. Learn more about our cold brew program, here


By: Erica Monical 

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