How Coffee Became Essential to Achieve and Sustain Productivity

Coffee is widely known to enhance productivity, but is there any concrete scientific backing, or is it purely anecdotal? To answer that question, we must look at what coffee does inside the human body. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant. Its main action is to increase the overall neural firing in your brain, which increases the activation of other neurotransmitters in your brain. These activations stimulate mood, energy, and attention changes, which help you achieve and sustain productivity.

Thus, the science behind coffee's remarkable capacity to keep you active and focused around workspaces is strong. With the help of freshly brewed coffee, workers in an organization stay motivated and positive for tackling the challenges that lie ahead.

Find out what the research says about having coffee intake, and understand why companies opt for CWJ's Nitro Cold Brew in their workplace.

What the Studies Show

Coffee enhances mental and physical performance in three different ways. According to studies, coffee is responsible for improving your brain's cognitive functions. Due to this, you can score higher points in assessments that pertain to vigilance and alertness. In a study from 1987, researchers gave 20 healthy male volunteers different dosages of caffeine. They proved that only 32 milligrams of caffeine or less than half a cup increased their vigilance.

For instance, their auditory vigilance increased, and they were more aware of the external stimuli around them. Coffee also increased their visual reaction times, making their response to environmental stimuli quicker. Other placebo-regulated experiments showed a direct correlation between having a cup of coffee and increased alertness and attention.

Interestingly, some experiments also conclude that coffee increases sustained attention and selective attention. Selective attention refers to focusing on one element for a certain time, while sustained attention means that you can focus on one thing for extended periods. In the corporate world, having sustained attention means sustained productivity which can be critical for organizational growth.

Sustained productivity helps businesses stay resilient even in the most uncertain times. It paves the way for companies to scale through economic turbulences and unwanted crises. Coffee, therefore, can be the key ingredient to having a resolute office culture that is cohesive, positive, and inspiring. Sixty-six double-blind placebo-controlled trials said that coffee consistently impacted simple and complex attention tasks.

Coffee not only improved reaction times among the subjects but also had the potential to improve higher-order processes. These include response inhibition, task switching, and more. All studies on coffee conclude and agree with its benefits on attention and productivity. The beneficial impacts of coffee spread even more widely than one would assume.

Memory and Recall Improvement

To achieve superior productivity, having increased memory and recall is critical. With a cup of coffee, workers at a corporate space can leverage improved alertness, which is powered by an increased recall. When working on multiple tasks, you need a sharp memory to keep track of every task, which is why coffee can be an excellent substance to improve your multi-tasking abilities.

Coffee helps intensify the connection between memories in the brain. When working in an organization, navigating multiple meetings while managing a crammed-up to-do list, emails, and strategy plan can be very difficult, especially if your cognitive and memory abilities are at stake.

There is evidence that coffee strengthens memory, so encouraging its consumption inside workspaces can help employees multi-task and work faster. Coffee can enhance memory performance even after consumption, and according to research, you do not need to consume coffee beforehand.

A Mood Enhancer

How can one be productive without a positive and happy mind? Having an elevated mood is critical to the productivity and performance of office workers. Coffee consumption can help reduce negativity in mind, and caffeinated coffee can reduce the risks of depressed mental states. From what regular coffee consumers claim, drinking coffee helps boost their mental well-being. It also helps office workers get out of bed with a can-do attitude, ready to conquer the world.

A stable and positive emotional state can allow individuals to approach challenges with the right mindset and have clarity towards common hurdles instead of intimidation. A corporation only succeeds when a team of problem solvers is responsible for a smooth sail to the top. Coffee's incredible capacity to elevate moods leads to scalable solutions that come from the minds of critical thinkers.

Now that you've discovered how coffee impacts mental abilities, you should move forward and relish information about how coffee brew stations enhance physical performance.

A Good Rush of Adrenaline

Coffee contains caffeine, which increases neuronal firing in the brain. With increased neuronal firing comes an increased about of adrenaline inside the bloodstream. With more adrenaline production, blood flow to the muscles increases, which increases the heart rate and makes employees more pumped to take on the workload.

Some evidence also suggests that coffee intake increases workout time until exhaustion. Workers in an organization have trouble pushing through mental and physical exhaustion, which is where freshly brewed coffee can come into play. Many highly productive employees working at lucrative organizations dedicate their work ethic and tireless contributions to coffee.

Changes Perceptions and Puts the Mind at Work

Even workers that drink decaffeinated coffee experience a boost in their energy levels. Since coffee has such an impactful and lasting effect on the employee's brain, it can be responsible for reducing the perception of tiredness in an employee. Workers can increase adrenaline-backed productivity and go the extra mile for companies, change perceptions, and overcome signs of slowing down.

Improved and sustained productivity is essential for the corporation and can help workers reap the rewards of high productivity and performance. Caffeine consumption also reduces muscle soreness. So employees that deal with tasks that require physical strain can greatly benefit from starting their day at work with coffee. If the muscular strain is slowing down productivity, coffee can be the antidote, keeping them from taking unnatural productivity pills and artificial substances.

Coffee comes from coffee beans that are naturally grown from the soil. Having a cup of coffee for an employee is similar to inhaling a natural dose of productivity juice. It takes care of your mental state, preparing you for the critical challenges ahead. Caffeine can help employees recover from mental and physical strain, which points to it being a rejuvenating potion for mind and body wellness.

Nourishment for the Body

So far, it is understood that coffee's ability to improve a worker's mental alertness and physical performance is why it became essential for achieving and sustaining productivity in the workplace. However, it also promotes good health and longevity, which is another fundamental cause of productivity. 

Coffee nourishes the body with key micronutrients and antioxidants, which help the body fight unwanted illnesses and sicknesses. Coffee is one of the body's biggest sources of antioxidant intake, surpassing many fruits and vegetables. More interestingly, it can also help decrease some neurodegenerative conditions in the body.

By nourishing an employee's body with the right nutrients and antioxidants, coffee can help boost a worker's health and wellness, which is a prime indicator of productivity. Good health can go a long way regarding the performance's efficacy and duration. A nourished body prone to diseases and harmful bacteria will sustain productivity more successfully.

Employees must have resilient and healthy bodies to perform consistently and persistently at their peak. Bad health conditions can slow down individuals from performing at their best. A coffee station serving freshly brewed coffee at a workspace will spread urgency, alertness, and productivity around a workspace and encourage health and wellness amongst the workers.

Sustaining and achieving productivity is easy with CWJ's Nitro Cold Brew, a great energy source for individuals.

A Productive State of Mind

Coffee helps workers get into an incredibly productive and fulfilling state of mind. Employees can get rid of boredom, a sense of anxiety, and all things that distract them from focusing and performing at their best. For employees trying to impress their seniors at an organization, sustaining the flow where they constantly strive forward and efficiently solve problems can be difficult. Coffee helps employees align with their natural flow by giving them the daily energy to push them into productivity mode. Coffee is designed to be an open source for performance and collaboration in a workspace. It motivates workers to rejoice, work as a group, and be the best versions.

Final Thoughts

With the help of coffee, employees can better appreciate their roles as integral elements of a running system. This is not to say that coffee is a tool that refrains workers from downtime. Still, it simply means that coffee helps to ebb the flow of productivity and, as a result, becomes prevalent in helping workers achieve a high level of success.


By: Brandi Marcene

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