How To Brew the Perfect Pour-Over with Commonwealth Joe Coffee!

We can all agree that a perfect cup of Pour-Over Coffee is the most delicious way to enjoy a cup of joe, but how can you create this at home? Follow these steps to create a flavorful cup each morning!

Step One: Pick a roast and Pour-Over Method.

What is your favorite roast; Dark, Medium, or Light? Choose your go-to roast here!

Next, choose a pour over method. There are a ton of options online!

Step Two: Grind Beans, and Gather Materials.

It's suggested that you grind 1oz of coffee beans to 16oz of water. However much you choose, make sure to grind the beans to a medium grind. Find the sweet spot between coarse and fine! Too coarse will result in sour and watered down coffee, and too fine will result in bitter, thick tasting coffee.

Depending on the pour-over method you choose, add the cup below the filter. We totally recommend using this CWJ Travel Tumbler to bring your delicious pour-over to go!

Boil water, and pour a small amount in the filter before adding coffee grounds.

Step Three: Add Grounds, and Bloom.

After the filter has been exposed to water, add the coffee grounds to the filter, and pour a small amount of hot water over the grounds in a circular motion. Just enough to cover the beans, and wait around 45 seconds for the water to completely wet all the grounds. This process is called Blooming, and it is very crucial to creating the perfect cup!

Step Four: Pour Slow!

Next, start pouring the remainder of water over the beans slowly, to ensure equal water exposure and brewing. This process can take a while, so be patient! It's going to be worth it!

Step Five: Enjoy!

After brewing, your coffee is ready to go. Enjoy cafe level quality coffee, all at home!

By: Elise McMahon

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