Nitro Cold Brew trikes hit Arlington

Summer is upon us, and with that brings ample patio seating, open pools, and of course, Commonwealth Joe Nitro Cold Brew trikes on the streets of Arlington! What first started as a hyper-local mobile coffee stand concept in 2015 has developed into an impressive network of strategically located Nitro Cold Brew trikes serving the community throughout the summer months.

                    CWJ Street Team triker

We are constantly innovating the coffee drinking experience for our customers. As one of the most bike-friendly cities in America, Arlington, Va. was the perfect place for us to test our trike concept, particularly during the hottest part of the year. Though Nitro Cold Brew is available year round, we’ve found that pedestrian commuters look for a cool caffeinated beverage to jump start their day as soon as the weather turns warm. That’s where we come in.

                    CWJ Street Team triker serving customers

We believe that good coffee can help bring people together. We wanted our trikes to bring a sense community to Arlington and serve as an educational tool - allowing our street team to introduce Nitro Cold Brew to pedestrians unfamiliar with the concept. Last summer’s trike launch also created brand awareness and buzz for the opening of the Commonwealth Joe retail location in Pentagon City, which opened in fall 2016.

The focus of the CWJ trike program for 2017 will extend beyond mobile sales and will focus more on engaging with potential clients for our Office Nitro Cold Brew Program, a plan where companies can opt to provide CWJ Nitro Cold Brew to their employees with their very own Nitro Cold Brew kegerator in office.

Whether you are looking to learn more about Commonwealth Joe Nitro Cold Brew for your office or simply want that afternoon pick me up, make sure to keep a lookout for our trikes this summer. We’ll be out on the streets Monday - Saturday (weather permitting) from now through September. This week, you can find trikes at Ballston - Welburn Square, Clarendon Metro and Pentagon City Mall.

To stay updated on where our trikes will be for the rest of the summer, make sure to follow CWJ on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where we announce Trike locations every Monday.
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