Coffee Drink Trends of 2017

If you drink coffee, you likely have your favorite drink. Whether you routinely order a large iced latte on your way into the office or move from hot pour overs to iced tea depending on which way the wind is blowing, you likely have your tried and true beverages top of mind. Regardless of your drink of choice, occasionally we feel the spontaneous urge to try something adventurous when we we approach the cashier and look up at the daunting menu board. Due to millennials’ focus on innovation, combined with our short attention span, new drink fads in the coffee sector are being developed constantly. From sparkling Americano’s to boozy coffee cocktails, we share some of our favorite trendy drinks for you to explore both for when you are out on the town or at home.

With 55% of consumer coffee spending going to the specialty coffee market, it is understandable that the newest drink trends in coffee are offered at many local coffee shops aiming to appeal to a demographic looking for the next “it” drink. Of course, we first have to mention our favorite coffee drink - Nitro Cold Brew coffee. As millennials switch out their iced coffee for a snifter of cold brew, it is no surprise that cold brew sales have jumped 580% since 2011. For those with a sweet tooth, CWJ takes NCB one step further by offering Nitro Cold Brew ice cream floats, currently available at The Java Shack. However, if a boozy coffee is more your style, check out one of the many bars beginning to add coffee cocktails to their list of libations - and we’re not talking the traditional Bailey’s and coffee. Slipstream, for example, is known for their craft coffee cocktails featuring everything from cognac and cream to whiskey and allspice dram.

Nitro Cold Brew Float

When the weather turns warm and the thought of a piping hot cup of joe immediately triggers perspiration on your forehead, consider opting for one of these iced-cold alternatives, instead, all of which are simple to make at home and the hottest new coffee recipes to try. For your daily shot of wellness and a boost of caffeine, look no further than coffee kombucha. With all the other same steps as making traditional kombucha remaining the same, simply dissolve the sugar in a pot of freshly brewed coffee instead of concentrated tea. A slightly more simple coffee drink to make at home is carbonated coffee - swapping out the boiling water in an  Americano for carbonated soda. We keep things simple at CWJ by simply combining espresso shots over ice with sparkling water for a deliciously refreshing caffeinated beverage.

Sparkling Americano

Not a coffee drinker? No problem, there are many popular drinks to try in the world of tea, particularly with matcha. To many, matcha and green tea are synonymous, but the fact is, matcha is grown in different conditions than green tea plants. The extended period of growth in a shaded area leaves matcha with higher antioxidants and a more increased caffeine level than traditional green tea. As a beverage that is already good for you, many are making their morning matcha “bulletproof” by adding bulletproof powder, unleashing their cognitive abilities and helping busy millennials power through their busy days.

Along with the beverages we mentioned above, there are countless other menu board items you will start to see more of in the coming months as the specialty coffee scene steps up its game to counter intense competition in a saturated market. Coffee shops are looking to differentiate themselves in big ways, a lot of which starts with the drinks they offer on their chalkboards and secret menus. Before you order your go-to beverage, consider taking a chance on your local shop’s attempt at innovation and order the new “it” item on the menu.

Visit one of locations to try one of these coffee concoctions for yourself! 

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