Sustainable Sips: How Nitro Cold Brew on Tap Can Make Your Office More Environmentally-Conscious

Nitro Cold Brew has gained immense popularity, particularly among Gen Z and millennials, in recent years. Due to the increasing consumer demand, the nitro-infused beverages market is expected to reach $366.07 million by 2023, with the Nitro Cold Brew market predicted to grow 20.7% between 2021 and 2023. With its smooth taste, creaminess, lower acidity, and higher caffeine content, this drink has become a refreshing alternative to both hot and standard iced coffee. However, beyond its enjoyable flavor and texture, Nitro Cold Brew presents a more sustainable option compared to other brewing methods. As companies look to attract new talent, add brand value, and meet consumer demands, engaging in sustainable practices is crucial. Below are four major ways Commonwealth Joe’s Nitro Cold Brew on tap can make your office more green!

Bye Bye, Single-Use Waste

One of the biggest advantages of Cold Brew on tap is the elimination of single-use packaging. Firstly, this method of dispensing coffee removes the need for coffee pods. Although some coffee pods like Keurig’s K-cups are made of polypropylene, this plastic is only considered recyclable in 61% of the country, and the pods require users to clean them out before tossing, posing an inconvenience for workers. Meanwhile, those that cannot be recycled will take thousands of years to decompose in landfills, furthering the problem of plastic pollution. Moreover, K-cups, Nespresso capsules, and other brands of pods are often too small for sorting facilities to pick up at recycling centers. Luckily, by serving Cold Brew on tap, employees and office managers can enjoy their caffeine boost without worrying about wasteful packaging. At Commonwealth Joe, each of our stainless steel kegs hold a whopping 5 gallons, or 80 8-oz servings, of Nitro Cold Brew– imagine how much plastic is saved!

Beyond packaging, Nitro Cold Brew on tap minimizes single-use waste by encouraging changes in workers’ drinking vessels. Typically, if you were to head to your local Starbucks or favorite coffee spot, you’d leave with a paper or plastic cup that gets tossed in the garbage as soon as the beverage is consumed. This adds up. Starbucks is estimated to run through seven billion single-use cups each year, which account for 20% of their global waste. By switching to coffee on tap, employees can instead bring their favorite reusable tumblers, cups, or bottles to the office. Not only does this help cut down on the amount of plastic waste generated each day, but it could promote a more sustainable lifestyle for workers by encouraging them to get in the habit of using reusable containers. As a bonus, swapping out the disposable cups for reusable ones could foster creativity and bonding among employees! Having your workers bring in drinking vessels that represent their unique interests and personalities can be a great way to spark conversations, build relationships, and boost morale.

Saving Water, Same Great Taste 

Water conservation is another aspect that makes Nitro Cold Brew on tap more sustainable. Firstly, the brewing process for this beverage involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water for approximately 12 to 24 hours. This slow extraction requires less water used throughout the process compared to hot brewing methods. While Nitro Cold Brew is prepared with a 1:5 coffee-to-water ratio, hot coffee is brewed with twice or three times the amount of water, with a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:10 or 1:17. Evidently, the Cold Brew process allows a greater yield of coffee concentrate per unit of water used. Moreover, along with saving water, this unique method of creating Nitro Cold Brew results in a higher caffeine content per cup!

Secondly, when it comes to serving, Nitro Cold Brew on tap continues to conserve water by reducing ice usage. Your standard iced coffee drink requires hot coffee to be cooled before being poured over ice, which has its setbacks. The time it takes to cool hot coffee can result in a beverage that tastes less-than-fresh, while adding ice after dilutes the drink. From an environmental perspective, ice production requires a significant amount of water, with most ice makers estimated to use between three and four gallons per batch of ice. Many ice machines also use water to cool the refrigeration units, often making a single-pass before being dispensed down the drain. Cold Brew, on the other hand, is ready to be enjoyed chilled straight from the tap. The best part? You don’t have to worry about your coffee becoming weak and watery throughout the day! 

Efficient Energy = Eco-Friendly

In addition to saving water, Nitro Cold Brew can help lower energy consumption. Regular drip coffee makers use anywhere from 550 to 1200 watts of power, while single-pod makers like Keurigs or Nespresso consume 900 to 1500 watts! Nitro Cold Brew does not require heated water, significantly reducing energy consumption associated with the brewing process. Traditional coffee machines also involve continuous warming elements to keep brewed coffee hot, which Nitro Cold Brew taps (also known as “kegerators”) do not need. Instead, these energy-efficient taps are designed to maintain the beverage’s chilled temperature. Another benefit of Nitro Cold Brew is its minimal cooling needs when it comes to storage. Since Cold Brew is already brewed in a chilled state, it requires less energy to maintain its temperature compared to hot coffee, which must be rapidly cooled before being enjoyed later iced. Not everyone has the patience to wait around for their morning coffee!

Tapping Into Better Resource Management

Finally, Nitro Cold Brew on tap is environmentally-conscious because of its longer shelf life. If kept in a sealed container in the fridge, hot coffee is good for about 4 days, while your regular Cold Brew lasts around 10 days. Finding that balance of producing enough coffee to keep your employees energized but not too much that you end up needing to dispose of leftovers can be tricky. Luckily, when stored in the kegerator, Commonwealth Joe’s Nitro Cold Brew has a shelf life of 120 days per keg! Nitro Cold Brew is infused with nitrogen gas, which is a natural preservative that keeps the drink fresh by displacing oxygen. The longer shelf life of Nitro Cold Brew reduces the frequency of brewing and the discarding of unused coffee, consequently conserving water and energy. With Nitro Cold Brew on tap, offices and other establishments can consistently serve a high-quality product without worrying about spoilage, constant maintenance, and wasted resources. 


Showing Up for Our Planet, Showing Up for You!

Evidently, Nitro Cold Brew on tap proves to be a sustainable solution for companies looking to go green. Compared to traditional coffee options, Nitro Cold Brew on tap eliminates single-use packaging, has an extended shelf life, and minimizes the use of water and energy. At Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters, our Cold Brew on tap showcases how innovative technology and attention to consumer trends can bring office spaces a delicious, eco-friendly coffee experience. As more individuals and businesses explore this form of beverage service, we move closer to a place where a culture of resource management and environmental responsibility is the norm.

Interested in joining this movement? We would love to connect you with our sales team by scheduling a call, filling out a webform, or sending an email to Together, let’s raise our cups to a more sustainable (and tasty) future!

By: Ellie Dessart
Blog post assisted by ChatGPT.
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