Top Trends in the Modern Workplace Culture

In 2022, dynamics in the workplace are changing at a faster pace. As more elements come into play, the last thing managers should do is hold onto their redundant work practices. Since the hybrid work models are normalized, business owners can no longer afford to overlook transformative tech tools.

In fact, advanced tech solutions have become integral to maintain seamless operations, improve employee satisfaction, and cut out the impact of uncertain elements in the workplace. Deloitte's research affirms that new workplace dynamics create more opportunities than challenges.

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While today’s workplace culture favors a casual environment, it focuses on work-life balance to empower employees. One of the hallmark elements of modern organizational culture is that it takes into account internal and external processes that can transform daily operations.

If you’re a business owner or manager, here are the top trends in the modern workplace culture that deserve your attention:

Remote and Hybrid Work Models

Many companies took their time before embracing remote and hybrid work models. Since the pandemic crisis, however, remote and hybrid work models have become standard options for employees. According to a Gartner survey, almost 50% of business leaders now want to support remote and hybrid work models. However, making remote and hybrid models work requires being more open to communication and using advanced team management tools.

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For many organizations, there was a learning process before remote and hybrid work models started to function properly. In many organizations, having a remote or hybrid work option alone puts employees at ease. In fact, these models serve as an added flexibility that can streamline internal operations, internal communication, and daily tasks.

A Positive Workplace Culture

In 2022, modern workplace culture thrives when employees are happy and enjoy their work. The most productive employees are the result of creating a positive work environment. But most companies have a unique culture, which means focusing on specific factors that can make their workplace optimistic.  

In the end, managers understand that positive workplace culture is about making employees feel happy and comfortable to render a high degree of creativity and productivity. For instance, exchanging ideas is one of the elements that make up a positive workplace culture.

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When employees collaborate and share ideas freely, it allows them to form a fresh perspective on various projects and perform tasks more efficiently. Of course, part of the process is to encourage team-building exercises and strengthen employee relationships.

Similarly, ensuring employees have access to basic healthcare and creating a policy that considers their mental health is vital. Now, to create a positive workplace culture, implement an open and direct communication policy to make employees feel safe and secure.

Making Data-Driven Business Decisions

One of the trends around workplace culture is to make data-driven business decisions. In fact, when it comes to daily decision-making, managers have become more strategic and use analytics data and management solutions to make informed decisions. Typically, these business decisions are based on accurate and reliable data.

Recently, you may have noticed accelerated adaption of machine learning and AI solutions. And that’s because AI and ML-powered solutions improve the decision-making capabilities of companies. In 2022, it makes perfect sense to leverage ML and AI-powered solutions that don't just improve operational workflow - they help business leaders make more informed and calculated decisions.

Employee Management Apps

In 2022, trends around the digital workplace are changing faster. But the burden of responsibility falls on the managers to keep up with the new employee management apps to run tasks efficiently. In the tech-driven era, managers can digitalize daily tasks and workflow in a few minutes.

Similarly, workforce management apps are making waves that allow companies to manage, engage, and train employees. But before managers mindlessly jump aboard a solution, it is crucial to opt for the most intuitive and comprehensive employee management app.

Interestingly, employee management apps are cost-effective and can support the operations of large and small enterprises. Consequently, more organizations are now using all-in-one employee management apps that allow managers to digitally manage internal operations and day-to-day- tasks efficiently.

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Remember, not all employee management apps are equal – some come with more impressive features than others. With mobile communication apps, managers can cut out communication gaps, save the valuable company time, improve team communication, and increase employee retention. Employee management apps can also help companies simplify their onboarding and training process.

In fact, these apps allow HR professionals to update training resources and meet compliance regulations easily. Embracing advanced employee management apps help companies address potential operational risks and move forward in the right direction.

Heightened In-person Workplace Experiences

Like millennials, Gen Z prefers enhanced in-person work experience. Sure, the new generation finds working through remote and hybrid work models more comfortable, but in-person work experience provides added support. Ultimately, the workforce craves an in-person connection that can set clear expectations. In the post-pandemic era, companies have started to redesign and restructure their office surroundings to suit the needs of new hires. Similarly, office spaces now support development opportunities.

Continuous Learning

HR professionals believe millennials and Gen Z employees thrive in a continuously learning workplace culture. Of course, training employees is not a new organizational culture. However, learning through digital and ensuring employees has the skills to take care of certain tasks makes a big difference.

For instance, many companies now finance their employees' educational courses and training programs. It is the best way for the workforce to upskill their skills and leverage new opportunities in the existing work environment. Besides, companies have started to understand that professional development is a continuous process.

The Workplace Learning Report highlights that more than 90% of employees prefer to stay in a job that offers training and development. Contrary to the misguided perception, remote and hybrid work models create more learning opportunities for employees.

For instance, online modules can offer different types of training videos to support diverse employees who can learn at their own pace and schedule. With training and development programs, companies no longer have to look for the “perfect” employee endlessly.

Instead, they can fill an open position by training the most talented employees. In 2022, training initiatives will be at the forefront of every organization. In fact, companies now want to utilize the best tools to make applying and completing training programs easier. Upskilling and training make employees more productive, build morale, and improve overall engagement.

More Equality and Fairness

Fairness in the workplace environment is not a new concept. But as the world becomes more inclusive and diverse, it has become integral for companies to set a fair and transparent work environment. For instance, companies now set defined parameters around what makes a fair and equal work culture. Today, CEOs and company leaders engage with their workforce to ensure a fair work environment.

Managers can expect equity and fairness to become more important in the coming years. In fact, both elements have become defining elements of modern workplace culture. The business landscape has become more concentrated, and an equitable, diverse, fair, and just environment works in favor of the companies and employees. It is high time for companies to address questions and concerns around equity and fairness.

To assess equity and fairness in the work culture, managers can ask basic questions:

  • Do employees have access to hybrid or remote work options?
  • Do employees have the freedom to engage and communicate with the management?
  • Do employees have the support they need to fulfill work obligations?
  • Are there any hurdles to making the work environment more inclusive and diverse?

Final Thoughts

In the last few years, trends around workplace culture have changed significantly. But even before the pandemic crisis, employees had started to lean more toward a flexible and convenient work environment. In terms of future workplace culture, managers have to keep a close eye on the behaviors and preferences of the Gen Z workforce.

Whether it’s streamlining operations, making data-driven decisions, or using digital tools, companies can no longer make preconceived assumptions. Similarly, upskilling will continue to play a crucial role in helping next-gen employees learn new skills and create team leaders.

Some trends require momentary attention, while some have the potential to reshape the entire workforce and strengthen the foundational roots of the company. The truth is that leaning towards the most relevant workplace culture trends can positively impact operations and employees. In hindsight, the objective of business managers is to prioritize key trends that serve as solid opportunities.

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By: Brandi Marcene

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