What is a Cold Brew Kegerator?

Cold brew coffee is becoming increasingly popular, and many offices are recognizing the benefits of adding a cold brew kegerator to their workplace. But what exactly is a Cold Brew Kegerator?  A cold brew kegerator is a specialized piece of equipment that consists of a few necessary pieces, including a refrigerated cabinet, a keg of cold brew coffee, and a dispensing system.

The refrigerated cabinet or chamber is the heart of the kegerator, as it maintains a consistent temperature that keeps the cold brew coffee fresh and flavorful. The cabinet or chamber typically has adjustable temperature settings that allow you to set it at the ideal temperature for your coffee. 

The keg of cold brew coffee is where the coffee is stored inside the kegerator. The kegs come in various sizes, so it's important to choose the size that suits your office's needs. The kegs also require a nitrogen tank to keep the coffee fresh and nitrogenated. The cartridge connects to the keg through a regulator that controls the pressure inside the keg and ensures a consistent flow of coffee.

The dispensing system, or tap tower, is what allows users to pour a cold, smooth, and refreshing cup of coffee directly from the tap. The dispensing system typically consists of a nitro stout faucet, tap handle, and hose that connect to the keg. The faucet controls the flow of coffee, while the hose ensures a smooth pour and prevent any air from entering the keg, which can cause the coffee to go flat.

 Having a cold brew kegerator in the office offers several benefits, such as increased employee satisfaction, better productivity, and reduced costs. It's important to consider various factors when choosing a cold brew kegerator for your office, such as size, capacity, and budget. Some of the best kegerator brands are Kegco and Summit

Commonwealth Joe's monthly Cold Brew service is all inclusive of the kegerator rental, equipment, and installation. The CWJ Team is full of machine experts who can consult which kegerator is best for any office. Schedule a meeting with a member of the CWJ team here

In conclusion, a cold brew kegerator is a sophisticated and sleek piece of equipment that offers a delicious and refreshing coffee option for the office. It consists of a refrigerated cabinet, a keg of cold brew coffee, and a dispensing system that combine to keep the coffee fresh, creamy, and carbonated. By investing in a cold brew kegerator for your office, you can provide employees with a convenient and cost-effective coffee option that can increase their satisfaction and productivity.

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