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Golden Horseshoe Espresso

Medium-dark roast, chocolatey, nutty & fruity - The explorer's rewards for a noble quest. 
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  • Medium-Dark Roast | Bold, rich, full-bodied espresso with luxuriant crema and a touch of brightness. Our definitive espresso. Currently composed of single-origin beans from Honduras and Brazil, but as the character of seasonal coffee crops changes, we craft our signature espresso to maintain a consistently high-quality taste.
  • This blend exhibits full-bodied balance and luxuriant crema. Its name derives from the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe, who embarked in 1716 to explore the Blue Ridge and the western reaches of Virginia. Upon their return, each was awarded a golden horseshoe – symbolic of the same exhaustive searching and good fortune that resulted in our signature espresso.
  • Signature Espresso Blend | This espresso features different coffee crops from Latin America that rotate as the seasons change to maintain the rich flavor profile that defines our signature espresso. At the moment, we have sourced coffee crops from Peru and Brazil that perfectly suit our purpose, but we will update this description as the seasons change.

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