4 Reasons You Need Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in Your Office!

Are you looking for a way to welcome employees back to the office?  Look no further than Commonwealth Joe!  We provide a full-service, on-tap beverage solution.  From Nitro Cold Brew to Kombucha, Nitro Tea, and Seltzer on tap, we have something for every office
Here are 4 Reasons You Need Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in Your Office!
1. Employee Appreciation

Your team has been working hard and they deserve a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee tap in the office.  It is important to make sure employees know they are valued daily.  Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on tap is the perfect way to show consistent gratitude for their efforts! 

2. Productivity Solution

We have all come to appreciate the importance of in-person work.  Whether your office is full-time or hybrid, the main objective for in-person work is to collaborate and be productive!  Our highly caffeinated Nitro Cold Brew Coffee keeps your team energized and focused on the task at hand.

3. Elevated Work Environment

The days of single serve coffee makers and coffee pots are over!  Employees are demanding high quality office coffee.  Our award-winning Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on tap improves office culture and  is the new and improved office coffee service.  

4. Modern Water Cooler

Serendipitous interactions between coworkers builds company culture and boosts employee morale. Your brand new CWJ Cold Brew Tap will be a hub of conversation and boosts camaraderie amongst your team. 

Interested in our service?  To get started, email info@commonwealthjoe.com.

By: Carter Green

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