5 Beverages on Tap Your Employees Will Love

By: Chelsea Jarrell

Office perks have come a long way since stale, mass-brewed coffee. Many companies offer their staff perks such as discounts on services like massages or yoga, snacks to keep them fueled for the day, break rooms with a space to relax, and beverages to keep them hydrated or caffeinated. Perks like these not only help the company stand out from other employers, but also keep employees happy and healthy. After all, happy employees are up to 20% more productive. There is a lot on the market that an office manager could offer to foster a great atmosphere in the workplace, but perhaps the easiest to implement, and one of the lower-cost perks available is a variety of beverages. Check out these five beverages you can get on tap in your office that employees will love!


Plain and simple, coffee is fuel that your employees want. However, regular coffee from a drip brewer has become too mundane -- a perk that is often passed up. Even when coffee is provided for free in the workplace, many employees will still leave their office to get higher quality, craft coffee from a cafe instead. In fact, employers lose an average of 62 hours per employee per year to offsite coffee runs! Why waste time and money on coffee that you’re employees aren’t enjoying? With millennials making up 35% of the average workplace, and 53% of millennials preferring cold coffee to hot, having cold brew on tap is an easy and affordable win for most employers. For those in the DC Metro Area, NYC, or Philly, our Nitro Cold Brew Office Program is hassle-free to set up, and enjoyed by hundreds of offices already!

5 Beverages on Tap Your Employees Will Love


Water may seems like it doesn’t need a second look, but think again. With sparkling waters like La Croix and Spindrift dominating grocery store shelves, many offices are now offer a variety of water to quench their employees thirst throughout the day. Check out these nifty Infused Water Towers. Providing your team with a variety of water that can be infused with different fruit each day is not only delicious but also a good alternative to sugary beverages. Too time-consuming to make the fruit water? No worries -- Monin has created infused water flavors that serve the same purpose, with less hassle. The aesthetic of the sliced fruit may not be there, but the flavor will be. For thirsty teams looking for a bit of variety, companies like Bevi offer countertop or stand-up systems that pour still, sparkling, and flavored water. A triple threat that is bound to delight your whole office.


For those who may be conscious of caffeine consumption, tea is a great option at work. This in-demand beverage has just experienced some recent innovation and is now offered in kegs on tap. Craft Brew Tea is making a splash in the on-tap world and giving offices the ability to have fresh sparkling tea available right in their work space.


Sparkling tea’s funky cousin, Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea that is known for its many health benefits, especially for your gut. This tasty elixir in on the rise and is also on offer in kegs, making it very easy to bring into your office at scale. Imagine being able to pour yourself a nice cold glass of kombucha right from your break room or pantry! Kombucha-makers like Marin Kombucha and Healthade are now offering ‘booch on tap to modern offices all over the country.

Craft Beer

While coffee, tea, and kombucha are loved during the day, craft beer is an office favorite for in-office happy hours, or those nights employees are burning the midnight oil. When you think of a kegerator, the first thing that usually comes to mind is beer. Many offices now provide beer on tap for their employees, believing that this perk will provide their team a reward for their hard work and a sense of community and connection after a long day.

These five unique beverages that you can get on tap in your office are just a sampling of what’s offered in today’s modern market. Having a variety of beverages on offer can give a company the opportunity to stand out amongst others in a tough hiring market, as well as keep their staff happy. Generally, happy employees work harder and are more engaged. Try bringing one or two of the above beverages into your office and watch your office’s culture come to life!

5 Beverages on Tap Your Employees Will Love

P.S. Located in the DC Metro Area, NYC, or Philly and looking to bring cold brew on tap to your office? Learn more about how you can get a free tasting of our Nitro Cold Brew today!

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