Why Nitro Cold Brew is Better for Your Office than a Keurig Machine

By: Chelsea Jarrell

As coffee increasingly becomes an important staple of any modern workplace, office managers are looking for the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep their staff fueled for the day. Keurig is one popular machine in the workplace due to its easy to use, single cup brewing system. The Keurig removes the burden of brewing coffee from the office manager, not to mention there is less cleanup involved as well. However, despite its convenience, there are still some negatives aspects to the Keurig.

While Keurig has mastered the single-serving machine, like most coffee makers, the Keurig is by no means hassle-free. Unless the machine itself is connected to a water source, it still needs to be refilled multiple times per day. The time and labor required to take care of Keurig machines can be a burden on office staff and particularly office managers. Regarding the actual coffee and pricing, purchasing K-Cups (the pods that hold the coffee grounds) can be quite pricey. In fact, it can cost up to 5 times more than brewing drip coffee According to The New York Times, K-cups cost roughly $50 per pound of coffee! A pound of coffee from your local coffee shop can cost upwards of $12, so that’s about a 300% markup -- a high price to pay for a cup of coffee. Not to mention, one of low quality.


Keurig vs Nitro Cold Brew on Tap

One other issue with Keurig and other single-serve machines is the waste that’s produced by using them. K-cups were designed to seal in coffee grounds, ensuring they stay as fresh as possible. However, the plastic used is plastic #7 which can only be recycled in Canada. Naturally, the rise in popularity of the machine increased the output of non-recyclable pods. Thankfully, Keurig has listened to customer feedback and is trying to make 100% of their pods recyclable by 2020.  Despite the fact that the option lacks in quality and cost effectiveness, the convenience a Keurig machine offers makes it a strong contender for many offices. What if there was a way to get that same convenience, but with high quality, specialty-roasted coffee that is actually desired by most of your office?

Say hello to our Nitro Cold Brew for Office program. We take great pride in delivering high quality, craft coffee to offices in the DC Metro Area, the greater New York City area, and Philadelphia. Unlike with the Keurig, the delivery and upkeep of the equipment and coffee is always hassle-free and also free of charge. We deliver everything you need to pour Nitro Cold Brew fresh from a tap right to your office. To make your experience even more seamless, you’ll be set up with a dedicated Customer Experience Associate who will work with you to make sure your unique needs are met.

Keurig vs Nitro Cold Brew on Tap

As for pricing, all you pay for is the coffee. Delivery, equipment, maintenance, and nitrogen are all on us. With our Nitro Cold Brew kegs, waste is significantly decreased as well -- no water to brew with, no coffee grounds to dispose of, no paper filters to toss, and certainly no pods to throw away. The best part of having Nitro Cold Brew on tap is that it sets your company apart from others by having a cool perk and a high quality coffee option available for your staff and clients. But don’t take it from us! Check out these testimonials from companies we love.


Want to learn more about our Nitro Cold Brew program for your office? Check out how you can get your office a free tasting today no strings attached!
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