5 Office Perks That Can Enhance Your Company Culture

By Chelsea Jarrell

These days, a job isn’t just a job. We dedicate a ton of time and energy to jobs we love in order to excel in the career path of our choice. In fact, we spend about 22% of our lives working. That is a pretty hefty percentage. With all this time we’re spending at the office, we want to find something that feels less like “work.” Feeling passionate about your work is a huge plus, but let’s face it, sometimes the perks and amenities your workplace provides is what gets you through a tough day at the office.

5 Office Perks That Can Enhance Your Company Culture

Work is our second home and we want to spend our time in an environment that keeps us feeling happy and able to succeed each day. There are several perks out there that job applicants search for when they are looking for a place to work. Paid time off, holidays, pension, retirement, and healthcare to name a few. However, in today’s job market, modern companies need to look into other ways to make themselves more favorable. Here are just a few perks we have discovered.

The Office Environment

Believe it or not temperature, lighting, desks (standing desks, treadmill desks, and bicycle desks are all on the market!), and pretty much anything within the office itself affects your employees. More and more companies are building out chic office spaces to accommodate every need for physical and mental health (hello, meditation room!), as well as keeping the space aesthetically pleasing. Check out Fortune’s list of the top 25 coolest offices environments.

The Activities

People need a break every now and then from the madness a workday can provide. Employers have figured out that a simple distraction away from the desk can increase productivity and morale. Places like WeWork offer a new experience for small start up companies to take advantage of. The WeWork buildings tend to host weekly activities such as tea time, lunch and learns, meditation, yoga, or game rooms with vintage arcade games. These simple breaks from staring at screens or being on calls can help give us a mental break from the monotonous work routines each day.

5 Office Perks That Can Enhance Your Company Culture

The Extras

Let’s face it, we have only a few hours a day that we are free to do anything else besides work, eat, or sleep. So an office space with amenities such as gyms, nap pods, daycares, or even car washes can easily help win over potential candidates and keep everyone else happy. Check out TIME’s list of the top 12 companies with the most luxurious perks.

The Food

Food, snacks, and even drinks can be a definite perk for staff. Getting up to pour yourself a cold cup of spa water or grabbing a protein bar to keep you from being hungry throughout the day can be the elixir to help us finish that big project, make that final sale, fix that technical issue, etc. Not to mention, many companies provide free catered lunch for employees on a regular basis. This is a huge draw for employees who are saving tons of dough on lunches eaten out.

The Coffee

Coffee has become a staple of the workplace. Whether offering fresh drip coffee or even a Keurig machine, employers typically offer at least one option for their employees. What we’ve found is that  66% of millennials prefer cold coffee, and with the modern workforce being made up of mostly millennials, having Nitro Cold Brew on tap at your office can be a major hiring advantage. It’s a simple perk that keeps you...well, perked.

If you’re in the DC Metro Area, New York City, or Philadelphia, having our Nitro Cold Brew on tap in your office is a faster and more convenient way for your team to get energized and refreshed each day. We take care of the deliveries and equipment; all you have to do is pull a tap handle to enjoy a cold cup of Nitro Cold Brew. . Check out these testimonials from companies who enjoy Commonwealth Joe Nitro Cold Brew on tap.

5 Office Perks That Can Enhance Your Company Culture

If you are a company looking for better ways to stand out and add the top applicants to your team, these perks will help you stand out amongst the competition during the hiring process.

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