CWJ City Guide: Best Coffee Shops in NYC

Though we wish we were able to house a Commonwealth Joe location in every US city, the reality is, our brick and mortar experience is limited to the DMV area. However, through our travels, we’ve found amazing coffee offered by passionate baristas can be found in the most unassuming of establishments. As a result, we are starting a monthly blog post series to share our favorite coffee spots in some of the nation’s most traveled cities. Of course, we must start off with none other than the Big Apple.

For those of you who don’t have CWJ Nitro Cold Brew on tap in your NYC office, here are our top 5 favorite coffee shops in NYC, in no particular order, for you to snag your daily brew from. Although, If having free Nitro Cold Brew in your office on a daily basis sounds better, visit to sign your office up for a free tasting.

1. Third Rail Coffee - West Village

Frequented by NYC undergrads in search of an affordable cappuccino, Third Rail Coffee is an unassuming coffee shop offering some of the best iced lattes in town and pastries from NYC’s favorite bakeries. We love how the shop encourages a culture of community through strategically placed seating and friendly baristas, and it doesn’t hurt that they use single-origin espresso beans of the highest quality. Best for a quick grab-and-go cup of joe!

Third Rail Coffee Latte

(Source: Third Rail Coffee Instagram)

2. Happy Bones - Little Italy

If you are looking for artistic inspiration or a tortoise shell spoon to stir your foamed milk (seriously), Happy Bones is your spot. Paying homage to its New Zealand roots, this minimalist cafe in Little Italy offers a great work environment for self-employed intellectuals, along with a quality Flat White.

Happy Bones NYC Interior

(Source: Happy Bones Instagram)

3. Toby’s Estate - Greenwich Village

What we love about Toby’s Estate is that not only do the Baristas have the skills necessary to make a mean latte, the coffee joint also hosts classes on coffee education, something we at CWJ appreciate and also adopt at our shop. (Interested? Sign up for a cupping session at our Pentagon City location here). Additionally, in contrast to Third Rail Coffee, Toby’s Estate locations offer ample space to sit, chat, and enjoy their delicious avocado toast.

Toby's Estate NYC Pour Over

(Source: Toby’s Estate Instagram)

4. Abraco - East Village

As a mostly standing room only coffee shop, this NYC staple is frequented by regulars and visitors alike simply because of the unmatched quality of the caffeinated beverages served. Abraco is not for those in a rush either. With extreme appreciation for the craft, baristas take a dedicated and patient approach to serving the perfect pour over, which means you might wait a minute for your cup, but it will be oh so worth it.

Abraco NYC

(Source: @juliet_glass Instagram)

5. Coffee Project New York - Bowery

Just when we thought offering Nitro Cold Brew in a snifter class was cool, we found out about the deconstructed latte offered at Coffee Project New York. For a surprisingly affordable price, you receive a latte (served in a wine glass, we might add), a shot of espresso, a glass of foamed milk, sparkling water to cleanse your palate, and a wafer. What we appreciate about this joint is the shop’s attempt to breaking down the elements of a latte to further the customer’s coffee education.

Coffee Project NYC Deconstructed Latte

(Source: Harper’s Bazaar)

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