CWJ 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s finally December, and that means it’s time for festive music, warm holiday drinks, and the ensuing stress that comes along with finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, your boss, the next door get the picture. To save you hours of combing Amazon for gift ideas, we created a holiday gift guide for the coffee lover in your life. Luckily, 83% of US adults drink coffee, so it is a safe bet that CWJ’s curated list of caffeine-related products below will delight and impress your gift recipient.

1. Electric Coffee Grinder

Whole bean coffee can be intimidating, especially to the coffee novice in your life, but the KRUPS electric coffee grinder makes the process simple and approachable. Your loved ones will be able to grind small batches of your favorite CWJ single-origin for the freshest coffee every morning. 

2. Bag of CWJ Coffee

You can’t purchase the coffee grinder without the coffee. Make it personal by gifting your favorite CWJ single-origin or buy in bulk for those instances when you need to gift several people at once. Don’t have time to visit the CWJ store in person? Purchase online and cross ‘gifts for colleagues’ off the to-do list!

CWJ Speciality Coffee

3. Chemex

We all know that one person (or several, if you’re like us) who believes the pour over method is the ultimate way to brew coffee. Replace the manual brewing tool they’ve likely had for years with a shiny new Chemex. Don’t forget to score an invite over for coffee!

4. Collapsible Coffee Dripper

For the seasoned camper in your life (who still appreciates a great cup of Joe), consider gifting him or her with a collapsible coffee dripper! This innovative product allows anyone to make the perfect pour over outside the comfort of their own home and Chemex.

5. Handheld Espresso Maker

Afternoon meetings can be rough, and you can definitely call to mind one colleague, in particular, who struggles with the afternoon slump on a regular basis. Make his or her day with a handheld espresso maker - an ingenious product that will keep him or her from falling asleep during the weekly finance meeting and make you look like a gift-giving rockstar.

6. To-Go French Press Mug

Elegance at its finest is manifested in Japanese home goods maker, Kinto’s, To-Go french press mugs. The mugs come in a set of two and are perfect for the artsy couple in your life that is always running late, but needs their daily cup of french press. Impress them with your artistic eye and appreciation for simplicity with this thoughtful gift.

7. CWJ Gift Card

For our local friends, CWJ is currently offering two gift card specials, ideal for the person in your life who can’t start his or her day without a CWJ Nitro Cold Brew. The gift that keeps on giving - purchase a $25 gift card and get a free drink on us or a $50 gift card and a free growler (not including fill). Stop by the Pentagon City shop to purchase or inquire.

CWJ Gift Card Special

8. CWJ Gift Bag

New for the holiday season this year, we are selling CWJ gift bags for $25. Each bag includes a 12 oz. bag of CWJ whole bean coffee, a coffee scoop, and a chocolate bar from local chocolatier, Kingsburg Chocolates. This is the perfect ‘made in DC’ gift to take for hosts during your holiday trips to family and friends. Stop by CWJ Pentagon City from now until the end of December to purchase or while supplies last.

While many of these gifts are intended for a specific person in your life, why not choose to celebrate your colleagues, as well, by offering specialty coffee in your office everyday. Sign up to learn more about CWJ’s Office Nitro Cold Brew program at and become the celebrated staff member who made great coffee a regular occurrence in your office just in time for the holidays.

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