Gen Z and Digital Age: What Should the Approach of Office Managers be?

Guide Gen Z Employees to Achieve Success

Office managers have to take up the mantle to guide and support the young generation of employees. In most cases, Gen Zers look for a roadmap to follow. Digital natives understand that it is their best shot to accelerate career growth and successfully become members of the company.


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Managers should facilitate socialization and collaboration within the workspaces. In addition, managers at the helm should create quiet spaces to help Gen Zers work on projects and improve skills. This, along with other techniques, can boost morale, create a positive work environment, and grant more independence to Gen Zers within the workspace. For instance, managers can utilize cold brew taps to spark more socialization in the workspace

From the perspective of office managers, it is integral to realize and recognize that Gen Z workers have unique working styles. And office managers should leverage their new perspectives and work styles to raise the bar of productivity and engagement. Office managers understand that Gen Zers may not have impeccable soft skills – they understand its value.

Therefore, managers should guide Gen Zers and help them fuel their entrepreneurial spirit. It would encourage digital natives to take up new responsibilities. If managers provide ample opportunities to Gen Zers, it will lead to an autonomous workspace.

Open Communication and Financial Stability

When it comes to setting workplace priorities for iGeneration, company leadership and managers should maintain a direct line of communication and ensure financial benefits to the young generation of employees. Unlike Gen X, millennials, and boomers, Gen Zers are true digital natives.

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Since iGeneration grew up with smartphones and the internet, they value open communication. But like other generations, Gen Zers value financial perks and stability. In fact, around 60% of Gen Zers don’t mind working on weekends and evenings if there is higher pay.

It is also important to acknowledge that digital natives are independent, hardworking, and competitive. But HR managers and company leadership first have to design, structure, and adapt progressive models to garner the attention of top young talent.

It should not come as a surprise that digital natives view communication as a way to solve problems and hone skills in the modern workplace environment. By communicating on different channels, Gen Zers become multi-taskers.

Early Professional Development

Managers must prioritize early development in the quest to guide and support Gen Z employees. And part of the process is to meet digital natives where they are right now. The idea is to embrace and utilize the current skills of Gen Z on their terms without dictating any terms.

One of the most effective ways to speed up early professional development is to form positive interactions with Gen Zers on a regular basis. Office managers should be at the forefront to provide answers to any concerns, questions, or queries related to professional development. Managers should also combine integrated technologies to improve overall interactions.

But the focus of interactions shouldn’t solely revolve around virtual space. Instead, encourage in-person interactions so that Gen Zers can develop strong interpersonal skills. For the sake of Gen Z’s professional development, office managers should offer training programs. Even short videos would help the young generation of employees learn more about job responsibilities and rise through the ranks in the foreseeable future.

In terms of tools, managers should use brainstorming and communication apps to bring Gen Zers on the same page and streamline operations. And if the company has a solid reputation in the market and believes in progressive initiatives, it will attract more Gen Zers to be part of their workspace and leverage career development opportunities.

Improve Engagement Efforts

Engagement is a crucial element in attaining and retaining employees from any generation. But Gen Zers have high standards when it comes to engagement and open communication. In the coming years, the next generation of workplaces will tie together with a heightened level of engagement. For instance, office managers should implement resourceful and advanced tech solutions to improve engagement efforts.

In fact, tech is one of the elements that define the next generation of the workforce. Once a company uses the right tech tools and drives more engagement, it creates a sense of belonging, equity, and diversity for Gen Z in the workplace. Another strategic move for office managers is to recognize the cultural and social movements important to Gen Zers.

In the digital and tech-driven age, office managers have to understand that there are rapid changes in how employees access information and use social media platforms. As a result, it gives digital natives more political awareness and makes it easier for them to gravitate toward new ideas.

Digital Natives Have Specific Tech Preferences

The last thing office managers should do is generalize Gen Z employees' tech preferences. In fact, digital natives are specific about using various digital tools and applications. Most Gen Zers want to work with companies that use cutting-edge tech solutions.

In the onboarding process, technology influences over 90% of centennials. But whether it’s the hiring process, onboarding process, or on-site work experience, Gen Zers are aware of the new technology trends. In fact, digital natives prefer to use highly optimized and intuitive tech tools, platforms, and solutions.

Technology adoption and the digital transition have been a long journey for companies. Nevertheless, hiring Gen Z would allow managers to adapt specific technologies and make more logical business decisions. On a foundational level, managers should at least provide Gen Zers the opportunity to leverage new platforms and tools.

Besides, HR professionals concur that most Gen Zers clearly understand how to operate a wide range of tech tools and solutions. The good news is that company leaders and managers have started to realize digital natives’ preference for new tech tools. And when employers pair technology with flexibility, it creates a perfect work-life balance for Gen Z.

Digital Natives Feel the Need for Speed

Like previous generations, digital natives believe in transformative changes. But how fast they want to achieve these career-defining changes is what sets them apart. For starters, managers need to make sure the company does not have extensive and complicated email delivery protocols that would dissuade Gen Z employees.

Today, digital natives can switch back and forth between multiple tasks and still have a strong sense of work ethic. Managers should figure out how to transfer this mindset into a corporate setting. Gen Z is brought up to expect and fulfill tasks with a sense of immediacy.

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But changing basic organizational processes may not be enough – managers should consider making more practical adjustments to align the office with Gen Z’s interests, work habits, and preferences. For example, when managers put together data for digital natives, it is better to use videos, images, and brief messages to communicate the information.

Since Gen Z has a short attention span, they believe in prompt and precise exchange of information. Consequently, it will give managers more constructive feedback on each project or task and conduct spot-on performance reviews. Gen Z believes in a continuous learning process and managers should simplify their email protocols and provide interactive chat tools to trigger instant responses across the board.


Gen Z is bound to take up millions of jobs in the coming decade. And company managers have to be more proactive to reshape the existing workplace and move forward in the right direction. The most important recommendation is to understand Gen Zers’ unique work preferences to attain and retain the top talent.

In 2022, managers have increased access to effective ways to design, structure, and run business operations that work in favor of diverse Gen Z employees. It would make it easier for HR professionals to attain and retain post-millennials for years to come. With the young generation entering the labor market, organizations have to adapt to new models and trends.

In conclusion, Gen Z employees prefer to work for a company that values flexibility and communication and supports remote/ hybrid models. Whether it’s career priorities, organizational culture, 9-5 schedule, or other traditionally established ideas, managers should redefine workspaces in a way that favors Gen Z.

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By: Brandi Marcene

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