Office Managers: Use Fresh Coffee to Boost Workforce Productivity

Nothing wakes your brain up like the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning. After all, there are many health perks and practical use cases of coffee.

Regardless of where they work, millions of folks depend on fresh coffee to not just get through the day – but boost performance and keep up energy levels throughout the working day. If you have coffee every day, then you understand how much of an impact it can have on your focus and concentration levels.

In fact, one study proves that drinking fresh coffee before work positively impacts computer-related office jobs and induces a pain-relieving effect. With a single Google search - you can find hundreds of extensive studies on the short-term and long-term benefits of drinking coffee in moderation.

Biologically, once you drink a cup of coffee, your brain cannot absorb adenosine, which signals to the brain that you’re feeling tired. Although it depends on how fresh your coffee is, it is bound to increase your alertness for presentations, meetings, or daily tasks.

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Understand Coffee’s Strength

Whether you consume Ecuadorian, Ethiopian, or Columbian coffee – it all boils down to the effect of caffeine. It gives you a boost of energy to do better at tasks. This explains why caffeine intake in the morning has become a norm in different regions of the world.

And when it comes to keeping energy levels up, a cup of coffee at work can do just the trick. With some caffeine in their system, employees communicate and socialize better in the workplace environment. Besides, the connection between coffee and productivity is older than most of us realize.

At its core, coffee improves memory and cognitive functions. It is one of the main reasons fresh coffee is linked to heightened focus and improved performance. Research also shows that regularly drinking fresh coffee has a long-lasting positive impact on memory and brain function. When you start the workday with some caffeine, it boosts your productivity.

Keeping that in mind, here’s how floor managers can use fresh coffee to increase employees’ productivity:

Fresh Coffee Triggers Alertness Among Employees 

In today’s competitive work environments, there’s a constant need to show the best of your abilities. Managers can rely on coffee to help employees be more alert during the work day. Managers should see fresh coffee as a way to fuel and refuel employees.

During the afternoon, employees can have an extra cup to recharge their batteries and get the rest of their work done. Caffeine makes you feel more alert and energetic. Consequently, you can benefit from better memory, problem-solving skills, and focus.

One study set out to learn about employees' scores on tasks based on caffeine consumption. For instance, fresh coffee enhances your focus when you’re concentrating on a work-related project. The more coffee you drink – the more alert and attentive you become to get through tasks.

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Learn and Complete Tasks Faster

You may have noticed many coffee shops around college campuses. And that’s because coffee recharges and refuels the brain so it can absorb knowledge and solve problems faster. With caffeine, the brain’s abilities get a boost.

Managers can use the same approach for office employees in a corporate setting and set up dedicated coffee stations. One study shows that people who consume caffeine can quickly identify phrases and words. Similarly, psychologists and researchers continue to study coffee in relation to work.

Scientifically, as of now, it looks like the health benefits of consuming coffee connect to energy, willingness to learn, fulfill tasks efficiently. Drinking coffee enhances short-term memory and increases employees’ ability to solve complex problems. Whether an employee has to learn new material or prepare for a presentation, coffee speeds up the learning process and makes you more productive.

Fresh Coffee Sparks More Creativity

If you want your employees’ creative juices to flow throughout the work day, then make sure they have access to fresh coffee. By offering a personalized coffee experience, office managers can expect employees to think outside of the box.

Coffee is the best solution for managers to prevent the afternoon slump in employees. Not to mention, sitting down for some fresh coffee helps break the ice. It helps office managers engage in more casual conversations with their workforce.

For most people, the consumption of coffee is a way to stimulate brain activity and create more room for innovation. In most cases, fresh coffee boosts employees’ motivation. You may have noticed that people working in a modern-day coffee shop have more energy to serve the customers.

Well, part of it has to do with the environment, and part of it relates to coffee consumption. Coffee consumption ultimately helps employees become problem-solvers and use more creativity and abstract thinking to come up with new ideas.

Coffee is a Way to Kick-start the System

Office managers find it challenging to increase employees’ energy and motivation levels. With fresh coffee, managers can help the workforce feel more alert and focused.

Contrary to naïve misconception, drinking coffee does not wake people up. Instead, coffee blocks brain chemicals that make us sleepy in the first place. In the morning, it helps workers feel refreshed, and in the afternoon, when employees start losing momentum, coffee brings their energy back up, allowing them to complete tasks on time.

Coffee Propels Employees to Move Around

When companies set up dedicated coffee stations, employees can make their own coffee. Once it becomes a regular habit, more and more employees will stay active in the office. Of course, the office kitchen should have great coffee to stimulate employees' minds.

It is the best way to improve blood circulation, socialize with colleagues, and leverage work-related opportunities. Office managers can consider it as light exercise and brief time off from desks for employees to restore energy and motivation levels. This can improve employees’ mood, encouraging them to get the job done faster.

Coffee is a Perfect Health Boost for Employees

Whether office managers realize it or not, regular consumption of coffee is a great way to improve employees’ mental and physical health. Caffeine intake can help the brain function faster and retain information for long periods.

Scientifically, coffee contains antioxidants, which prevent free radicals from causing damage. An extensive Harvard study even showed that women who drink at least four cups of coffee daily are 20% less likely to become depressed.

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Final Thoughts

It’s 2022 and managers need to understand that instant coffee is not going to cut it. When employees work long hours – it makes sense to have a few cups a day to retain information and stay alert throughout the day.

When managers normalize coffee intake in the workplace, they help employees find a work and life balance. But office managers should understand the essence of using coffee to create a communicative, dynamic, and collaborative work environment. Plus, fresh coffee brings down work stress, builds morale, and makes employees happy.

From workplace productivity to creativity, office managers can rely on fresh coffee by CWJ’s Nitro Cold Brew to bring out the best in their employees.

By: Brandi Marcene

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