How to Boost Business Workflow and Drive Growth in 2023

Boosting business workflow refers to ‘operational optimization’. It may sound like a loaded term, but it hints at ways businesses can improve their workflow and drive long-term growth.

In 2023, new dynamics, standards, and technologies are bound to be at play. It means companies can no longer rely on old school tactics to drive growth.

Inefficient workflows and processes can compromise productivity. A study shows that companies lost 20%-30% in annual revenue due to workflow inefficiencies.

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How Companies Can Optimize Business Processes and Ensure Seamless Workflows to Drive Growth

Oftentimes, office managers focus on tangible and non-tangible elements to optimize workflow operations and drive growth. But optimizing workflow and driving growth is not a one-time activity. In fact, office managers and executives understand that it requires consistent effort to maintain an optimized workflow and drive long-term growth.

Companies cannot maintain flawless workflows and hit their annual objectives without efficient business processes. One element ties together with another and office managers have to tackle various challenges to maintain unique workflows.

How Maintaining Optimized Workflows and Driving Growth is Changing in 2023?

In 2023, the need of the hour for every business is to maintain optimized processes to ensure seamless workflows. With a solid workflow strategy, businesses can tackle internal risks like human errors and lack of resources to achieve annual goals.

With a workflow management strategy, small businesses and large corporations can track and review every aspect of their operations. When workflow efficiency becomes a reality for a company, it can scale up and grow business operations.

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Here are the most effective tactics businesses can use to improve workflow and drive growth:

Figure Out Where to Concentrate

You cannot review the details of every single element in the business process. So, figure out where you should focus from the start. You’d be surprised how many workflow improvements you can make through this tactic.

When optimizing workflows, you’ll find obvious and not-so-obvious elements. After auditing, ranking, tracking, and comparing results – see if there are more opportunities to optimize business operations and workflows. Whether it’s purchase orders or customer inquiries, review data and see if automated information makes sense.

Review Current Systems

“Start at the beginning” – that’s a famous quote by Lewis Carroll that sums up how office managers should look at workflow needs and sense the need to perform an audit. Even if you run small operations – it will still take some time to understand where business processes are working and where they’re hitting the fourth wall.

The key is to make business processes purposeful and avoid elements that might complicate the workflows. Evaluating current systems in place will tell you a lot about how far behind you are in tech and a specialized workforce to match top competitors.

Once you review current systems - you’ll realize different types of urgencies can help you save more time and speed up the business processes. But don’t make the mistake to review your current systems based on assumptions. Instead, involve key stakeholders and inform them how business processes and workflows can be improved.

Improve Collaboration and Communication

In most companies, the standard approach to accelerate operational processes is to make collaboration and communication seamless between the teams. But for many organizations, it is easier said than done. But if done properly, efficient collaboration and communication can transform the entire business workflow and hit record-high productivity levels.

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Businesses can use Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Skype for internal communication and Asana or Click Up for simplified project management. If your company supports hybrid or remote workflow, there will be more moving pieces. And using document management and cloud platforms will make sense. You can also use enterprise-scale solutions to integrate third-party apps to make business processes faster and seamless.

Reduce the Use of Paper

In the digital, overdependence on paper can slow down your business operations and workflows. Ideally, it is better to ditch the manual paperwork to make overall business workflows highly efficient. But if you still have to use paper, make sure its usage is minimal. Instead of paper – you can use electronic signatures, online forms, digital invoices, etc.

Ensure Employees Get Proper Training 

Businesses cannot be naïve enough to think that every one of their employees knows how to use technical tech solutions and devices. Even to understand the most straightforward business processes and workflow systems – it takes some employee training.

If the people you’ve hired don’t understand the nuts and bolts of systems, you can’t expect the operations and workflows to be seamless. You can conduct in-house training workshops and programs for employees so that they can better understand how business processes and workflows work and what measures they can take to maximize the output.

Make Necessary Adjustments

No workflow is perfect until you make relevant and continuous adjustments. It is the responsibility no office manager can step away from and requires balancing business processes to improve overall workflows. Since business workflows are consistently evolving, managers make improvements and changes until the operations are on the right track.

Making adjustments is a matter of understanding what does and doesn’t work and taking prompt actions to improve business workflow. You should also re-evaluate the current business workflow to get the full picture of business operations and workflows. Identify the main challenges and areas that need more improvement to improve the business workflows. Get relevant feedback from the workforce to simplify, automate, and streamline operations. 

Maintain Proper Documentation 

Businesses often overlook expired licenses that put operations on hold. Check regularly and ensure the system solutions you use have updated licenses and certificates to avoid operational delays. You can use a simple document management tool to store all licensed and certificates and make file sharing and accessibility more uniform across the company.

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Reduce Unnecessary Interruptions

You may have heard of interruptions in the business circle as “noise” that casts a cloud on workflows and operations. Reducing unnecessary interruptions is how well you manage business time and activities. The better you manage these elements – the more interruptions you can minimize. Set a clear roadmap and focus on avoiding unproductive and lengthy meetings.

You can get redundant tasks out of the loop by creating simple workflow diagrams and templates for processes. Think of these diagrams, charts, and templates as a way to visualize your steps to make the business workflow and operations efficient.

Automate Processes

Of course, automating can process repetitive tasks, which gives your employees more time to focus on more relevant business tasks. Automating processes is the most effective way to boost productivity, streamline operations, and drive growth. When you automate your entire workflow, it cuts out manual processes, which in turn, reduces human errors and saves time for the company.

In a tech-driven age, you can automate most business processes. Start by automating essential operational elements like payroll processing, meeting reminders, time management, restocking, and bill payments. In addition, you can automate tracking and reporting processes.

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Despite how complex your workflow system is – how quickly and accurately you record and track impacts your performance. You can record, track, and repeat the process with an automation solution. It will also help you set the right metrics for business processes and determine accurate productivity levels. Remember that there are many effective techniques to manage and track business workflows.

Leverage Cloud Platforms

Cloud platforms have become imperative for companies to move extensive and complicated operations to the digital space. With a cloud-based platform, your company can run multiple systems and allow remote access to employees seamlessly. Cloud solutions also make it easier for businesses to manage complex workflows and share information across teams.  

On top of cloud-based platforms, adopt and embrace modern tech system solutions. You can integrate these workflow management solutions with your ERP and CRM tools to simplify even the most complex business workflows and processes.

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Final Thoughts

It is a constant struggle for managers to come across inefficient processes and take immediate action. When the business workflow is in shambles, it can be due to stressed-out employees, unsatisfied customers, increased costs, and missed deadlines. In fact, even a single element can lead to dysfunctional business processes.

Maintaining productive operations and seamless workflows can be difficult in the long run. But office managers understand that optimizing workflows is about maximizing output. Today, there are several ways for a company to boost its business workflows. In hindsight, a well-managed and effective workflow can transform business processes and drive unprecedented growth.

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By: Brandi Marcene

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