Improve Company Culture with Office Perks

There are many factors that go into accepting a job offer - salary, medical benefits, and commute time are a few of the obvious reasons. However, as more and more millennials enter the workforce, one thing remains a priority focus for recruiters when gearing up to hire the right talent - office perks. In fact, in a recent LinkedIn survey, “perks and benefits” is the number two most important factor millennials look to learn about a company after “culture and values.” Gone are the days where office perks are found only in Silicon Valley. In 2017, employee amenities are standard expectations from the millennial workforce. If you’re looking for a way to attract top talent, consider offering these office perks:

    • Concierge Service
      • Help your employees stay productive and focused on their tasks while in the office by offering a concierge service to handle employees’ day-to-day errands, like picking up groceries or dropping off dry cleaning.
    • Development Benefits
      • Whether it’s free classes on General Assembly,, or Rosetta Stone, give your employees the opportunity to learn a new skill outside of their normal job function to keep them constantly learning, progressing, and motivated to do their best work.
    • Office Coffee Service
      • There’s no denying that a cup of joe in the morning (and perhaps, afternoon) is exactly what most millennials (approximately 70-80%) need to kickstart their day, so why not ensure that the brew they love is available in the office, avoiding multiple trips to the coffee shop down the block and lost productivity spent outside of the office. Check out Commonwealth Joe's Office Nitro Cold Brew Program if this sounds like a perk your company would enjoy.

Commonwealth Joe Nitro Cold Brew

    • Free Meals
      • In line with the idea that bringing speciality coffee into the office will save employees’ time commuting to purchase their morning cup, the same is true for meals. Though some of today’s major tech companies have unbelievable cafeterias open at all hours of the day, for companies on a budget, even offering catered lunch once a week is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work and will keep them from being away from their desk.

When considering which perks to use to incentivize your employees, ensure that the benefits you are offering are also aligned with your company values, mission, and desired culture. For example, at CWJ, employees receive free coffee while working - makes sense, since our employees are also brand advocates for our product and should be able to speak to the taste of CWJ coffee. For your company, that might mean offering free exercise classes if you’re in the fitness space or a strong retirement program if you’re in the insurance business.

 According to Jeff Reid, director of the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative, at the end of the day, investing in your employees by providing office perks is the ultimate way to ensure you’re building a positive company culture. In an age where culture is so vital to an organization’s success and talent retainment, keeping employees happy, productive, and ultimately, committed to the company for the long term are all results of the small gestures a company’s leadership team can make by offering the right office perks.

Sign up for a tasting to experience CWJ Nitro Cold Brew on tap in your office.

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