Why Manually Brew Coffee?

If you have been to one of our coffee shops—both Commonwealth Joe and The Java Shack—you probably have noticed there are two ways to get your drip coffee: batch electric drip coffee versus a manual brew.

Understandably, if you don’t know the difference, you presumably look up at the menu and think, why would I pay more money for a manually brewed coffee? Although, an electric dripper is a great option for your morning coffee, there is definitely a benefit to getting a cup of coffee hand brewed by one of our baristas.

A good cup of coffee depends on a few things. Importantly, they have to be coffee beans that you enjoy. You have to like the roast level and the flavor profile, as if you don’t like these things that will for sure impact your opinion of the coffee. In order to highlight the distinct flavor of the beans, the coffee should also be freshly roasted. Coffee brewing allows for the opportunity to extract these flavors, so the way in which you brew it does matter.

Manual brewing allows you to control all aspects of brewing your coffee: grind size, water to coffee ratio, water temperature, and brew time. Because you can play with and experiment with all of these elements, you can create the perfect cup for you. If you like a stronger cup of coffee, for example, you have the option to add more beans and less water. Or, if you want a bright cup of our Ethiopian Monticello Sunrise, a Hario V60 pour-over is perfect, as the filter collects the oils and produces a very clean and bitterless cup. For those who like a full bodied cup of coffee, you should opt for a method like a French Press, which basically immerses the coffee beans in the water.

Pour Over Coffee

 Electric drip machines allow you to control the water to coffee ratio and is ideal for crowds, as it allows you to make more coffee at one time. The pod coffee makers do not allow for any individualization, but you will have a standardized cup. Both are faster for those on the go.

There is no wrong way to brew your cup of coffee. Ultimately, it all comes down to what you prefer. That said, those itching to experiment with their coffee palette and try new things with their daily caffeine routine should give manual brewing a try.

Ask our baristas about their favorite tool and purchase one for yourself at our Pentagon City location

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