Why our Shenandoah Spring Roast Makes the Best Nitro Cold Brew

By: Chelsea Jarrell

Commonwealth Joe’s Office Nitro Program has helped boost the morale and productivity in offices by offering an exciting and unique coffee experience within the workplace. We deliver everything you need to have Nitro Cold Brew on tap directly to your office, making sure that you’re all set to have a productive week. When we do tastings at offices, the first thing we typically hear from new customers is how delicious our flagship Nitro Cold Brew, Shenandoah Spring, tastes. Below, we’ll share a bit more information about why this particular roast makes the perfect Nitro Cold Brew.


Shenandoah Spring is a classic and balanced medium roast with hints of sweet caramel in every sip. Shenandoah Spring hails from the region of Marcala in Honduras, a region known for having some of the best crops in Central America. The coffee trees here are grown at 1,295 to 1,699 meters in rich soils that produce a balanced sweetness to each coffee bean that it produces. These coffee cherries are picked when they reach maturity and are then immersed in water and go through a meticulous process of being washed. Washing means that the pulp of the coffee cherries is removed and separated from the seeds. These seeds, or better known as green coffee beans, are left out in the sun to dry. Commonwealth Joe purchases these 100% Arabica beans and then roasts them to bring out their natural caramel and nutty notes. The traditional finish and the salty-sweet ending flavor notes make Shenandoah Spring the perfect roast for our Nitro Cold Brew. The nitrogen that’s added on the pour accentuates the natural sweet and creamy flavors already present in the coffee that’s been steeped for 12-24 hours.


Picture taken from Seattle Coffee Works Blog

Several office customers of ours enjoy the many benefits of having Nitro Cold Brew on tap right in their office, such as the fact we deliver and install everything for them without having to pay extra fees – all you pay for is the coffee. Not only do we make sure that upon delivery everything is set up perfectly, but we have a dedicated customer experience team that will be there for any questions or needs along the way. If you have not yet experienced these several benefits that in-office Nitro Cold Brew can provide and want to see what it’s like, visit our website to schedule a free tasting today!

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