How to Get Nitro Cold Brew on Tap in Your Office

Updated 3/14/2023 by: Christian Hall


Since its reintroduction to the coffee market in 2015, cold brew coffee has only continued to increase in popularity. According to a research report done by Technavio, “The cold brew coffee market is expected to grow by USD 1.37 billion between 2020 and 2025.” Due to this visible success, as well as cold brew’s notable popularity among millennials, many offices are looking to trade in their bad office coffee for nitro cold brew on tap as a means of attracting and retaining talented staff.

Considering the impact of COVID on office culture, as many companies shift to remote or hybrid models, businesses are re-evaluating their in-office perks and amenities to make their employees’ time in the office more enjoyable and worthwhile. Employees look for perks that they can frequently engage with and that can save them money. Introducing cold brew on tap to your office can achieve these goals by providing an exciting, cost-effective amenity that fosters a healthy work culture - encouraging breaks and team socializing while saving your staff money on daily coffee runs.

Commonwealth Joe (CWJ) has been brewing and offering cold brew as an office amenity since 2014. Our vertically integrated model allows us to control the quality of our cold brew from bean to delivery. We provide everything needed to serve cold brew on tap in your office, ensuring that our coffee will be an excellent perk to keep employees satisfied and in the office. That said, we understand that setting up a new office coffee service can be daunting, so in this article we will explore how to get nitro cold brew on tap in your office, step-by-step.

Office Nitro Cold Brew Tap

Step 1: Discuss Cold Brew

Commonwealth Joe knows that every office is different. We want to ensure that you have a cold brew plan that works for you. To do this, we need to know who you are and how your office operates! So, give us a call (855 BREWJOE), schedule a call, or shoot us a webform! However you reach out, let us know what you need from us, and we’ll adjust our cold brew service to work for you.

After discussing your needs with a CWJ representative, your rep will send you a quote for our service, a copy of our service agreement, and a few additional questions regarding your business and/or office space.

Commonwealth Joe works on a monthly subscription model, the price of which is based on how many kegs you receive each month. Our service is all-inclusive, and includes your cold brew, kegerator (cold brew tap), keg delivery, machine maintenance, line-cleanings, nitrogen tanks, and a dedicated customer success partner, all for one low monthly price. 

Upon sending your rep a signed agreement and filling out a few simple questions, your CWJ rep will send you a date and time frame for your first delivery!

Millenial Nitro Cold Brew Perks

Step 2: Receive Cold Brew

On the day of your first delivery, your CWJ technician will arrive at your office with a kegerator, a (few) keg(s) of cold brew, a nitrogen tank, and a radiant smile! Our kegerator is on wheels and only requires a standard, three-prong outlet. So, once rolled into place and plugged in, your CWJ technician will walk you through how to change an empty keg (it’s pretty simple). After answering any other questions you have, your technician will be on their way and you’ll be free to enjoy your cold brew!

Cold Brew Retains Talented Staff

Step 3: Enjoy Cold Brew

This step may be self-explanatory… but we’ll walk you through it for posterity’s sake.

Approaching your CWJ kegerator, you’ll notice a narrow spout with a black-and-white tap-handle sticking out from the top. After picking the container of your choice, place your container under the spout and dip the tap-handle down horizontally. Your machine will begin dispensing cold brew (and likely arouse the attention of everyone in the office).

Once you’ve received your desired pour of cold brew, simply tip the black and white tap-handle back up to stop your kegerator from dispensing. At this point you will notice a line of co-workers that have formed behind you, each waiting patiently (or impatiently) for their cold brew.

Enjoy Nitro Cold Brew Amenities

Start Pouring in Your Office

Commonwealth Joe can install our nitro cold brew tap in your office in a week or less*. With three easy steps, CWJ will upgrade your office culture, bring employees back to the office, and, most importantly, provide your staff with award-winning nitro cold brew!

So, don't settle for bland, boring coffee in your office. Upgrade to Commonwealth Joe's nitro cold brew on tap and provide your employees with a delicious and refreshing coffee experience.

Visit Commonwealth Joe’s office cold brew page to start your service today.


*Under normal circumstances in the DC metro, New York City metro, and Baltimore metro areas, CWJ will be able to install your cold brew system in a week or less. In our other geographies, the turnaround time may be longer than a week. 


By: Chelsea Jarrell

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