What Makes Up a Happy Workplace

There are many factors that impact the happiness of workers, and knowing how to leverage from them can help you create a workplace environment that the workers love. Before you start making changes in your work environment, you need to first ensure the factors that pave the way for happiness. The society for human resource management did a huge survey on worker’s engagement.

Their aim was to assist the companies find out about the procedures and practices that have the largest effect on the happiness of their employees. You could utilize this data to create a secure and encouraging environment for the employees. Sometimes a worker can be dissatisfied at work, however, they are bound and do not leave the job and continue underperforming

As an employer and a decision maker, you have to try to strategize towards a healthy work environment. You need a job happiness plan. Keep in mind that a good plan will focus on the most pivotal factor of happiness first.  

Use the Science

The survey found that majority of the employees were satisfied, but it should not stop you from creating a job happiness plan to retain your employees. Below are then major factors that are the most important contributors to job satisfaction.

Relationship with Coworkers

This is one of the most important factors that guarantee employment for workers. It determines whether you have friends at work who support you. Having a professional community who support you during your job is essential, and is also the biggest factor that contributes to worker happiness.

This is one of the best contributors to job satisfaction. People skills are important, and creating a protocol that encourages workers to form meaningful relationships is essential. Workers need to have people that they enjoy working with, or having lunch with.  

Simply allowing workers to collaborate with each other will not only create a happy workforce, but also a more productive team. Therefore, you must emphasize healthy and helpful work relationships between the employees. You can also employ workers within the office to help new employees engage with the workers and create stronger bonds.

For managers, setting aside some time so that you can learn about your employees can be incredible.  Find out when the workers like to get together for a coffee break, and eat lunch with them. Overall, make time for some work engagement with the workers. These social times can help you build a support system for the workers.

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Allow Workers to Use Their Skills

Workers need to feel good about their tasks and performances. You must provide workers with the opportunity to build and experience capability. Pride is one of the best types of happiness, so management should create work environment in which workers get a sense of pride for what they do. Therefore, employers need to develop policies in which the workers can come across more opportunities. You also have to identify capabilities of your worker and make them feel accomplished and smart.

Be Forgiving

Everyone makes errors. It's a natural component of the human condition. Allow your staff to make errors without fear of repercussions if you want them to learn from them. When evaluating an employee's performance, strive to be forgiving as a boss. As a result, they believe they have some leeway and will probably make fewer mistakes as a result. Don't promote complacency, but do allow creativity to lead to innovation.

Everything has its time and place. This includes laughter, which can undoubtedly increase the level of happiness in your company. Colleagues can immediately bond via humor. As leaders, practice telling jokes, and simply look for methods to make your team laugh. Laughter is always beneficial to both the psyche and the workplace.

Compensate Timely and Fairly

This may appear obvious, and it is. All employees desire to be adequately compensated for their efforts. Correct wages is one approach to keep employees satisfied, especially if they have taken on new responsibilities or initiatives. When times are rough, money can keep employees motivated and loyal.

Be Positive

Positivity generates optimism. Negativity spreads like viruses in the office, so don't let it fester. It is critical for leaders to focus on the positive, especially during stressful times. Start the team's days off properly by leading an appreciation circle, meditation, or other feel-good exercise. Recognize and reward hard work accomplishments. Recognize your staff and be appreciative of what they are focusing on. Don't allow feedback meetings devolve into tussles.  

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Prioritize One-on-One Meetings

COVID has successfully demolished what was once a regular office setting. There are now hybrid work settings, totally remote possibilities, and some organizations that remain entirely in-office. Whatever the current work environment is, developing a new work environment where face time remains crucial may keep workers feeling engaged. Leaders must find methods to communicate with their teams, even if just momentarily, to let them realize they are still present.

Now is the time to set aside time — online or in person — for times of interaction that are critical to the growth of team culture. While many people like the advantages of working remotely, it can also be exhausting at times.  Loneliness is a serious worry for many who work from home, according to a study. There is also more alienation, fatigue, and instability.

Always Recognize Efforts and Be Thankful

Employees are rarely dissatisfied or quit for financial reasons. When individuals get disillusioned, it is typically because they dislike their supervisor, are uninterested, or think they no longer see any growth. A healthy culture and working environment are extremely beneficial because they promote cooperation and communication, improving engagement and opportunity for colleagues to learn from one another. You can also provide occasional shout outs to employees at different levels of the company for outstanding work or effort. These kudos are free and require minimal effort, but give valuable public acknowledgement for a task well done, thereby rewarding employees through highly valued social currency.

Set Your Sights on A Bigger Mission

A concise mission statement may assist your staff in focusing on the proper objectives while also being satisfied. Remind your employees of the company's main values and how teamwork advances them towards the shared objective. Keep all workers on the same page, whether the final objective is as prolific as supplying clean water to third-world countries or as invested as offering high-quality client experiences. Create a mission statement and assist your workers in carrying it out.

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Make Your Job Meaningful

Make sure that your employees know the company’s mission, and also align that mission with a higher impact of the world. If you do not have a why, or a frame of mind, then it can be difficult to become motivated or excited about carrying about the tasks. This is more difficult than it may appear.

Having a WHY can slip away if you get busy. If your business is not meaningful in the work, then your employees will drift away and not be happy in the long run. The times are changing, and today’s generation have different expectations from their job.

They are not so much interested in working long hours to make extra time income, instead, they want their work to be a part of a bigger picture. Creating such a mission statement will help make your employees happier in the workplace.

One the ways you can reinforce this to your employees is by pasting the mission statement on the walls. You can also set up conferences, meetings and calls, just to remind your team about the higher purpose. Always be grounded in helping the employees, and strive to have a bigger impact with your work.

Introduce Activities

Activities are something that many people overlook, but it is one of the most important step. Add activities that create more pride within the employees. Make sure that your team can slowly add tasks that you can enjoy.  Another great idea would be to physically make your work environment more fun and enjoyable.

Make sure that your employees like your workspace.  You can do this by putting up photos and artwork that excite the workers. You can also bring in flowers in the workforce to make it more enticing and beautiful.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, creating an overall corporate culture that encourages engagement, reliability, conversation, activities, and also purposeful will be one that ensures maximum satisfaction. Changing your corporate culture is difficult, but you can do it by changing your team atmosphere. Use activities as a tool, and make sure that you are taking all the action steps to create a happy atmosphere that recognize all contributions from the workers and give them deserved recognition. This will help make your workflow better, brighter and more productive.


By: Brandi Marcene

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