Follow the Best Examples: Companies with Rich Organizational Culture

Developing and understanding organizational culture is a process. HR professionals know that they have to take their time and dive into a journey to make the work environment productive, compatible, and flexible for the employees.

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2023 is on the horizon, and it has started to dawn on office managers and HR professionals how far workplace standards have come in the last few years. Sure, technology played a crucial role, and the pandemic crisis accelerated the adoption of hybrid and remote work models. But, there is also a willingness from the companies and employees to create a balanced work environment.

To create a rich organizational culture, companies don’t have to come up with every element from scratch. They can follow in the footsteps of companies that have managed to create a vibrant, flexible, and modern organizational culture.

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Why Care about Company Culture?

If you want to adapt to new market standards, you will have to adapt to new values that can support your strategic business efforts and employees at the same time.

It is not a matter of “if”, but “when” and “how” you should develop and implement an enriching work environment for your company. Naturally, you don’t want your firm to get stuck in old school work standards that are not on par with millennials and Gen Z workers.

So, what makes a company culture successful? Well, there are many elements that make up a company culture. Things become interesting, since each company has its own set of values and diverse employees. In any case, company culture should be positive and balance the odds for employees.

CWJ’s Nitro Cold Brew is one of the elements that can transform the workplace environment and create an organizational culture where employees can feel happier and more productive.

Gone are the days when employers would ask employees to work 12 hours with no goals, breaks, or activities. Today, the work environment has to be flexible to influence employees and render productivity to achieve organizational goals.

Office managers and HR professionals have become more creative – they add elements into the work environment that makes the office space a second home for the employees. Oftentimes, all it takes for office managers is to bring out a dedicated coffee brew station for employees. It makes it easier to make employees happy and win their trust.

Let’s take a look at some of the best companies with rich organizational cultures:


Comparably's report shows that Microsoft has the best workplace culture in the world. It is quite a feat for a tech giant like Microsoft to create a work environment where employees want to stay and work. It is a workplace with no room for intimidation and threats from the management.

Of course, conflicts are bound to happen in a work environment, but it doesn’t change taint the accomplishment of Microsoft to understand the needs of the new generation and create a workplace that supports and empowers them.

At Microsoft, new ideas are always welcome that can help companies achieve their goals faster, and there is no suppression of voice. Diverse representation in Microsoft’s workplace culture is also a plus point that makes the company’s products and services more inclusive.

For Microsoft, the element that makes its organizational culture work is its growth-driven mindset. It takes a lot of commitment to understand every employee’s potential and become more broadminded to understand and accept different perspectives.

This practice strengthens Microsoft’s workplace culture, and their employees are more passionate and motivated than ever to make transformative changes for the company. You can take a page from Microsoft, make your recruitment, onboarding, and work environment more exciting, and help employees see the big picture.

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Google is not so far behind Microsoft when it comes to having a thriving workplace culture. In fact, Google’s work environment is arguably the most innovative of any company. It brings out elements in the work environment that are usually unheard of in corporate settings.

Also, “how” a company shares information about its projects, products, and services is unique. It brings employees to the same table and makes everyone feel connected. But apart from this feeling of connection, Google invests in its employees’ professional and personal development.

The company works hard to motivate and influence its employees throughout the year. Google offers excellent all-around perks, work-life balance, and compensation to render employee satisfaction. Google knows that the happiness of employees would bring in more productivity and make its already competitive recruitment pipeline even more competitive.

Your company can take a page from Google and focus on employee satisfaction and figure out new ways to inspire your staff. Like, you can offer rewards to your employees based on their contributions and dedication to the company.

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HubSpot has had an interesting journey and is proud of its unique workplace culture. Unlike many companies, HubSpot does not shy away from sharing secret elements that make their organizational culture work so effectively. HubSpot uses the HEART (humble, empathetic, adaptable, remarkable, and transparent) approach.

In a sense, this approach is not so different from Microsoft’s. HubSpot has the same growth mindset as Microsoft and wants to build trust with its employees. It brings flexibility to the work environment to achieve employee satisfaction.

The company also promotes hybrid and remote work, which gives multiple options to its employees to take care of work. Instead of mindlessly prioritizing company goals, HubSpot also takes its employees' mental and physical health seriously to retain the most talented employees.

What can you learn from HubSpot? It focuses on a single theme and puts the spotlight on the employees. It allows employees to review their job performance without constraints. HubSpot creates a work environment where employees are bound to thrive, be more productive, and create more high-quality work without compromising their work-life balance.

With CWJ’s Nitro Cold Brew, office managers can influence employees, extract productivity, gain trust, and create an all-around happy work environment.  


Adobe is famous for its design tools, but it has one of the best company cultures in the world. The company has great leadership that focuses on career growth, workforce diversity, and work excellence. Adobe’s organizational culture is a combination of traditional and modern elements.

In a survey, over 95% of company employees said that they find Adobe’s work environment highly positive. Often, people don’t realize it, but Adobe is a big company, and maintaining 90%+ employee satisfaction is a huge feat for the company.

Adobe’s office managers, floor managers, strategists, HR professionals, and creative directors inspire employees to be creative and productive without compromising on flexibility and happiness in the workplace. Adobe’s leadership often consults with professional consultants to make internal company decisions that directly impact the work environment and workplace culture.


When it comes to business leadership, IBM stands out from the crowd. It is no secret that IBM doesn’t have a perfect record when it comes to organizational culture. But the company has gradually moved away from traditional core values in the work environment.

Like other tech giants, IBM continues to bring new elements into its work environment to inspire, motivate, and influence employees. The focus of IBM leadership is to make its employees “THINK” big and not make them work like machines. IBM believes productive work is simply a matter of “how” employees approach work and how they achieve their goals.

Of course, the history of IBM is even richer than Microsoft and Google. But the work dynamics of the company had stayed traditional for a long time, and the company paid a heavy price. Today, it is a different game for IBM, where the company ranks just behind Google in terms of vibrant organizational culture.

One of the interesting things about IBM is that it challenges and pushes its employees without infringing on their personal lives and creating barriers. IBM is famous for providing great career and development opportunities to its employees. The lesson you can learn from IBM is that empowering the workforce is an investment that helps you achieve goals and drive growth.

Final Thoughts

Companies love to talk about their “great” and “perfect” workplace culture. But oftentimes, it doesn’t work in the best interest of the employees. And when a strict and unsatisfying culture persists, employees start to leave, and the company takes the final hit.

It takes company leadership to make organizational culture clear to the employees and how they can reap the benefits of it throughout their employment. Many companies now make organizational culture part of their mission statement. From tech giants to small financial firms, companies want to have an enriching organizational culture. Besides, it allows companies to attract and retain employees for a long time.

Whether it’s work-life balance, compensation, professional development, enjoyable work activities, or career opportunities, take the page from the companies with the best organizational culture and add your own personalized elements to create a unique and positive workplace culture. The organizational culture should be where the company and the employees can thrive together.

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By: Brandi Marcene

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