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Java Shack House Blend

Medium-dark roast, chocolatey & nutty - Arlington's original coffee shop since 1996. 
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  • Medium-Dark Roast | Traditionalists will love this signature blend for the same reasons they're attracted to Java Shack.  This is a blend that keeps things simple, delivering traces of dark chocolate along with delectable sweet and salty flavors.  Unabashedly authentic, this coffee has a darker complexion than some of our most well-balanced single-origin varietals, such as Skyline Overlook and Shenandoah Spring, but doesn't go quite so far into the diehard dark-roast territory of our Yorktown French Roast.  In essence, this blend tends to bring everyone's hands together in appreciation for a good mug of coffee, however diverse the gathering.
  • Since 1996, the baristas of Java Shack, “Arlington’s Original Coffee House,” have been building a reputation for serving exquisite coffee in a friendly neighborhood setting. This signature house blend reflects our appreciation for traditional flavors, enhanced by the demanding standards of our small-batch coffee roasting operation. Join us in celebrating two decades of independent ownership and coffee that makes you feel right at home!
  • Traditional Blend | Our signature house blend features medium-dark roasted coffees, yielding traditional, well-rounded flavors, creamy texture, and full mouthfeel. A popular choice at Java Shack, our flagship retail location in the Courthouse area of Arlington, VA, this reliable coffee is a favorite for locals and out-of-towners alike.

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